Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eldar vs. Arachnid Horde 2000 point Battle pics

The Arachnid Horde
So I had a small battle with my son yesterday, 2000 points Eldar vs. Tyranids. It went very well the Bug horde feasting on the yummy Eldar innards. Here are some shots:
1 Hive Tyrant: Armored shell, Heavy Venom Cannon, Scything Talons and a Brood of 3 Zoanthropes.

5 Tyranid Warrior Brood: Deathspitters and rending claws.

1 Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon.

The Parasite of Mortrex.

2 Genestealer Broods of 20 each with a Brood Lord.

2 Broods of 5 Raveners.

The Eldar Host
10 Howling Banshees

Falcon for the Fire Dragons

Wave Serpent and Dire Avengers in cover

Falcon Grav Tanks

Asurmen and Dire Avengers

Fire Dragons stalking the Warriors

Dire Avengers up high

Falcons vs Zoanthropes
Dire Avengers flee from the Genestealer Horde

Grave Tank and Banshee support

Genestealer Horde attacks

Lance attack!

Last stand for the Banshees

Bugs ripping into the transports

Objective 1 protected

Bugs attack Dire Avengers

Bugs attack Dire Avengers

Banshees destroyed

Weapon Destroyed

Grav Destroyed

1 comment:

Brummie said...

Nice photos, love the old school Falcon grav tank.

I really like the use of the bugs from starship troopers etc they fit in quite well

Keep up the good work

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