Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yesterday's Battle

Copied from Jeff's Post on the Forum:
We played 3 games. First was Imperial Guard vs. Chaos. They played the Chaos mission "Pillage" from Battle Missions. It's the one with objectives where each side gets scrap points or salvage points at the end of the opponent's turn if a unit is touching the objective. There were 5 objectives on the table. Highlights of the game were the Daemon Prince who took out a unit in close combat and a couple tanks. A unit of Khorne Berzerkers and Plague Marines were both wiped by pie plates. Watching that shit scares me. Not sure of the final tally, but it was decisive victory for the Imperial Guard.
Next up was Necrons vs. Blood Angels. Again, we played a mission from Battle Missions. This time it was "Ambush". In this mission, my entire army is deployed in a column and the Necrons deploy on either side. The game goes by Kill Points. This was a pretty bloody game where we ended up tied at 4 each. I just couldn't finish off any of his units because of the damn We'll Be Back.

Lastly, we played 2 on 2. Blood Angels and Imperial Guard vs. Necrons and Chaos.

My Demon Prince and some Nurgle Marines.

My Demon Prince and some Nurgle Marines.

Khorne Rhino

Demon Prince Vs Tank

Jarvis' Tanks coming rolling in

One of the Tanks is destroyed in Close Combat!

Uh oh....

Nurgle Rhino Takes one of the Objectives.

Nurgle land Raider

Blood Angel Convoy

Necrons advance


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