Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Grand Eldar project.

Warlock and Hero

Its 5 am, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, eating a sandwich, and thinking about this huge project in front of me. My Son was recently gifted a huge collection of miniatures, one of the gifts was a box filled with lead miniatures, included OOP (Out of print) Eldar. I promised my Son that I would build and paint said figures and started going through the box last night. I was flabbergasted; there are enough miniatures to create a huge army, or two regular size forces. So my thoughts at this time are to create two distinct armies, one good (Classic Eldar) and one evil (Renegade Pirates). I’ve owned and painted Eldar before, but because of unemployment I was forced to sell them on EBay. The following pictures are the lost figures from that collection.

OOP Classic Guardians

Warp Spiders

Hero and Warlock

OOP Guardians, I have these back !

Rangers and Warlocks

OOP Classic Guardians

OOP Classic Guardians

The Plan: Since it’s been a very long time since I’ve painted an army I wanted to have a solid plan of attack, going for a more unified looking army to boot and getting the most enjoyment out of the experience. With the classic Eldar I will pick one of the great houses and go with that color scheme, but the Pirates I want to do something special. The Eldar as a race is cursed; most being lost to the great Chaos power Slannesh and battling forever on just to survive. Now I know the Dark Eldar are Pirates and renegades and have their own list, but I wanted to create a force closer to the Rogue Trader origins. Not the fanciful Elf like bunch of pansies that battle today, but closer to the classic figure of Elric of Melniboné, a haunted people, fighting against a universe that has forgotten their greatness and must be taught who the masters of the Webways were. So I’m going to use a darker color scheme for these Eldar, dark, dirty, and fighting on to the last man, er Elf…
I’m thinking of going with this scheme:

I’m thinking of going with this scheme:
I’m going to go with a few test paints consult with my Son and start the project.


Andy said...

Your son is going to be one little happy camper once you've finished this!

Joel said...

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Joel Houston

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