Friday, May 27, 2011

Eldar Project Part II

When I've spent two weeks gluing/building the Eldar forces.  I had to wait a week to order bases for the Dreadnaughts and War Walkers. ($37 worth of bases). This weekend I will discuss the painting options for the two armies with my Son.  But I did have another idea...

When I do any kind of crafting, I watch Movies and TV, sort of background noise while I'm working.  I happened to watch the new Tron Legacy Movie, and the Uniforms hit me as perfect Eldar Paint jobs...
I love the Black and the Neon colors

Simple but very nice

This looks like Eldar armor to me

Just a thought
What do you think?


Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

It was actually suggested that a lot of the new Dark Eldar pics from GW, with their heavy edge highlights, looked very "tron-ish"

I'd be curious to see it done right and would suggest doing some test models to try it out.

The glow effect will be the hurdle that I think will make all the difference.

Farseer Frank said...

What's hysterical about this is that I've personally described painting my Eldar like pretending your painting something from Tron. Hey, it works :)

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