Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sorry, long-time no blog.

The winter is a hard time for me; I’m not best when it comes to the cold weather and traveling.  Also I’ve just taken a new job which is taking all of my time and effort.  My Son is 15 now and he’s more interested in his young lady he’s hanging with then gaming at this time, and my gaming group is just doing Warhammer 40k battles at roughly 1500 points a pop.  I have a few ideas for future projects but there not really solidifying at this time.  The next Convention I’m thinking of doing is in the summer, so I’ve not written any scenarios just yet.  Plus S.C.A. events are low in the winter, so I have to wait for the season to start up for me in the spring.  So gang, just kind of hang, I will be posting cool stuff soon…

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Inquisitor figures I am working on...

Me and my Bot friend Merl.

Brother Dante

Brother Dante

Brother Dante

Lost soul

The Group ready for action.

Trader Jakaal and the Blood Sisters.
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