Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gaming season is back on…

Well the summer’s almost over and it’s going to be gaming season again. I just played last weekend with my local Gaming group a 1000 point bring and battle of Warhammer 40k. Instead of going for chaos I went the Norse warrior way with Space Wolves. I played two games, one against the Blood Angels (Vampires) and those wacky green skins, the Orks. The battle with the Vamps was very close but my friend Jeff did win by one point; I did table the Ork horde, sorry Robert. Over all a fun time was had and I got to hang with my buddies again after a leave of absence. So I’m thinking of jumping full ahead back into 40K but I think I want to mix it up a bit.

Here are some of my thoughts…

Tyranids = Doom invasion force

I’ve been throwing Zombie apocalypse games at conventions for the last couple of years, so I was thinking of writing up a force of Tyranids but instead of bugs, I would be using zombies being lead by the Demons from Doom the board game.

Gun Zombies = Termagaunts?

Gun Zombies = Termagaunts?

Gun Zombies = Termagaunts?

Ghouls + Genestealers?

I would get a kick out of seeing Blood Angels being swamped by a horde of Ravenous brain eaters, or a Land Raider being taken out by a Cyberdemon.

Here are some more shots of some figures…

Cyberdemon = Hive Tyrant?

Vagary = Venomthrope?

Zombie Tank = Carnifex?

I’m also thinking of using my Terminator force that I used at the convention, but instead of using Necron stats, using a Chaos Nurgle force. Also working on my imperial Guard Weird World War 2 forces, both Axis and Allies…

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Panic Attack!

This 2009 short film is by Fede Alvarez and shows what it might look like if Aliens came and attacked Montevideo, Uruguay.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Operation Darkness: A table top war gamers’ best bet on the X-Box.

As you all know I’m an avid war-gamer, Warhammer 40K, Zombie Apocalypse, and Weird World War 2. I’m also a gamer on the X-Box from time to time, but mostly it’s first person shooters or role playing games. I’m always on the lookout for cheap games, most X-Box games start at $50, but if you shop around you can find some for as low as $10. Well by a small chance I picked up a game called Operation darkness.

It’s a tactical turn based Weird World War 2 based JRPG (Japanese Role Playing game). It was cheap and I wanted to try something that was turned based just to relax. Man was I surprised, this game rocks! Now don’t get me wrong, this game has received some bad ratings across the board, bad camera work, bad graphics, but what the regular gamer does not understand is this is a table top war game on the console in all its purest form. Here’s a breakdown of the game from the Wiki:

Operation Darkness follows a squad of British SAS soldiers fighting the Nazis across the European Theater. The story covers much of the real history of the European war, including the battles for North Africa and the liberation of mainland Europe. French resistance fighters, American soldiers, and others appear as non-player characters.
The game diverges significantly from real history in that zombies of deceased Nazi soldiers appear as adversaries, and two of the player characters can transform into werewolves. Other fantasy elements include the appearance of supernatural foes such as vampires, as well as allowing the use of magic spells.

Gameplay consists of a series of tactical battles; between battles, the player may resupply the characters, purchase new items, and select which characters will participate in the following mission. Battles play out in standard tactical role-playing game (RPG) fashion, with turn order based on characters' speed statistics. During a turn, characters can move, attack, use items, pick up items from dead soldiers, and cast spells.

The battle system also includes factors like cover and decreased accuracy from movement. Differing from the great majority of games of this genre, long range attacks tend to be far more frequent than close range attacks, and many characters can hit targets with high accuracy from a distance of more than half of the battlefield. Much like games such as Fire Emblem, characters killed in battle remain dead permanently (unless revived by one specific player character before the end of the stage). Generic soldiers can be recruited to replace fallen ones; however, the death of a story character results in a game over.

Characters possess the following attributes: HP, MS (martial spirit), Attack, Defense, Speed, Hit, Luck, Weight, and Move. Each character also has specific weapon-related and other skills, predisposing them to particular weapon types. In addition, characters can carry up to five weapons and five items. Each weapon and item has a weight value as well, and characters who are overburdened receive penalties to movement. Two player characters can transform into werewolves, which massively increases their speed and attack. However, maintaining the werewolf form costs MS every turn, limiting its use to short durations.

The game is pure table top, each unit has two actions they can perform during their turns, you have LOS, and you have your hero characters and your foot infantry. Vehicles and super natural creatures do play a part in these battles included Vampires, Zombies, and demons. Also some of the characters have been pulled from your favorite pulp and horror novels like your medic being Herbert West ala The reanimator, and Jack the Ripper. The turn based portion is a pleasure if you just want to sit and think out tactics and try different scenarios to win the 20 story battles the game provides, it even has some battles that you can do online with a friend. Basically if you’re a tabletop gamer and you own an X-Box 360 this game will entertain you to the fullest, and remember, it’s cheap!
Buy Operation Darkness Cheap!

Game Play Video on YouTube:

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