Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update this weekend...

Southern region is this weekend and I have most of my fencing gear ready. It’s going to be strange; I’m going to be meeting up with some people I’ve not seen in about 10 years or so and I’m a little anxious. I’ve been out of the society for some time now, and after being reeled back in by Lord Po I’ve been feeling better about the SCA in general. But this weekend is going to be more of a home coming for me, my old household ICOD will be in attendance and I will finally see if I will be greeted with open arms. I do know my knight is good with me coming back, and I’m still his squire, but he’s not really playing the game right now.
Earl Sir Shannon an Chasur, my Knight.
Most of the members of the group are either tin hats or white belts; I still have my red belt and really want to improve my fighting to receive the white belt or sash. Dexcon didn’t bring any more armor to my kit, I have to go down to long island and get together with three skulls and Turk, I don’t really see that happen to the fall. I hope Duke Sir Gregor will gift me with some loaner gear, I did ask him, but just seeing my old friends will be award enough for me. Worst case scenario I buy plastic replacements for everything I need, it is my Birthday in August. So it’s fencing with my rapiers this weekend, old friends, family, and good times…

Today was a hard day at work, but I did get to talk a very interesting customer, her name was Kathleen and she runs the blog
It’s hard to do call center support sometimes, but customers like Kathleen do make it worth it, I did help her with her problems and got a good few chuckles from her site, please check it out.

On the gaming front still playing some older games after getting back the X-Box after my error 37 issues, it spent about a month with Microsoft, but my warranty was still good by 2 weeks so I didn’t have to pay for a thing! Yay!!! Friend me on X-Box with the tag SLOBBERBLOOD, still playing Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, and Gears of war 2. -Peace

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