Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking about fighting.....

So I’m going to be 48 years old this August, I’ve just lost 50 pounds after becoming a vegetarian and working out by walking and fencing in the last year or so. I’ve really been working hard on getting back into the S.C.A. and getting back into light and heavy fighting. Getting older for me has been filled with hard times, pain, and almost insanity, like the Buddhist say life is suffering, but I really feel like it’s finally working out. (I’m really scared to say this because I feel like a big 1000 pound anvil will drop on me once I utter those words!) I’m kind of going through a midlife crises right now, with the fighting that is, I really want to do well and I’ve been putting all my efforts into improving my techniques and gather the kit I need to get to the next level. In the S.C.A. heavy fighting doesn’t have a “black belt” like other martial arts have, but it does have a white belt. If you can master the art forms such as sword and shield, great weapon, spear, two swords, and other martial skills you can be notice by the chivalry. Knights are the black belts of this martial art, working hard on technique, tournaments, and all the knightly arts to be an all around champion. I’m a Squire, basically picked by my knight to be a future knight, if I work hard on all the art forms. Right now most of the knights I know are Dukes, Earls, or Counts, which means they have won crown once, twice, or even seven times like a certain Northern Duke I know. Most have either moved on or are too far away for me to train with. Right now I’m in Hazleton, PA, there is no chivalry that I know of local to me. I’m working with the local barony Endless Hills, and have met up with a good bunch of people, but the only heavy fighters are un-belteds. Just like any martial art, you need a teacher, to train you and take you to your limits. In New Jersey I had a ton of sword brother’s I could train with, and I do miss them terribly, sword brothers like Sir Wolfgang Krieger, Sir Romulus Paxton, Duke Sir Gregor just to name a few. In this state I really don’t have anybody to play with and I feel like my time is running out, I want to one day be knighted, be a champion, and work hard and earn the respect of my sword brothers and the kingdom. I hope I can make it happen.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Sucker Punch" The Ultimate Fan boy Fiesta!

"Sucker Punch" focuses on a young girl (Emily Browning) who's institutionalized. She ends up creating an alternative world in her mind in order to go and find a way out of the facility. The fantasy thriller makes it's way into theaters everywhere on March 25th, 2011.

Here are some shots of the ladies...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Live steel and fighting...

I did get to southern region, but it didn’t go as planned, I got sick. The heat was torture and I could barely walk with my garb, I couldn’t place any armor on. I did get to see Duke Sir Gregor and Duke Sir Ice falcon, and said my hellos. They look great, Gregor is my age and he looks like a man in his thirties and still fights like a demon and Andre is still a fantastic leader, readying the troops for war. I didn’t get any armor from ICOD, but I did get one gauntlet from my friend Bill who is still digging through his huge packed storage rooms looking for stuff for me. So I have to wait till after Pennsic war to see what I’m going to do about Heavy combat, everybody asked if I was going and where was my fabled pole arm, but I’m nowhere near ready. I’ve been wondering if this is my mid-life crises, wanting to take arms up again and do battle like I did in my 20’s and 30’s? It’s funny, no fast cars and young hot chicks for me, just Armor, swords, and glory…

Ah Scadians….. Here’s some live steel combat I’ve found on the net including some great Viking battles. Those European guys are nuts!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So no Ed Norton in the new Avengers movie...

So looking into info about my favorite super hero team The Avengers has left me a little bummed, it seems the rumors are true Mr. Norton will not be doing his amazing roll as Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers movie. Norton posted the announcement on Facebook after many fans expressed their hope that he would return to the Marvel films. Norton commented that his inability to return as The Hulk was not his decision, but that of Marvel. “I sincerely hoped it could happen and be great for everyone, but it hasn’t turned out as well as we hoped,” he wrote. Here is a screen-shot of his statement: Someone new will have to become the green mean fighting machine....

Update this weekend...

Southern region is this weekend and I have most of my fencing gear ready. It’s going to be strange; I’m going to be meeting up with some people I’ve not seen in about 10 years or so and I’m a little anxious. I’ve been out of the society for some time now, and after being reeled back in by Lord Po I’ve been feeling better about the SCA in general. But this weekend is going to be more of a home coming for me, my old household ICOD will be in attendance and I will finally see if I will be greeted with open arms. I do know my knight is good with me coming back, and I’m still his squire, but he’s not really playing the game right now.
Earl Sir Shannon an Chasur, my Knight.
Most of the members of the group are either tin hats or white belts; I still have my red belt and really want to improve my fighting to receive the white belt or sash. Dexcon didn’t bring any more armor to my kit, I have to go down to long island and get together with three skulls and Turk, I don’t really see that happen to the fall. I hope Duke Sir Gregor will gift me with some loaner gear, I did ask him, but just seeing my old friends will be award enough for me. Worst case scenario I buy plastic replacements for everything I need, it is my Birthday in August. So it’s fencing with my rapiers this weekend, old friends, family, and good times…

Today was a hard day at work, but I did get to talk a very interesting customer, her name was Kathleen and she runs the blog
It’s hard to do call center support sometimes, but customers like Kathleen do make it worth it, I did help her with her problems and got a good few chuckles from her site, please check it out.

On the gaming front still playing some older games after getting back the X-Box after my error 37 issues, it spent about a month with Microsoft, but my warranty was still good by 2 weeks so I didn’t have to pay for a thing! Yay!!! Friend me on X-Box with the tag SLOBBERBLOOD, still playing Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, and Gears of war 2. -Peace

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dexcon 13

Just back from Dexcon 13, over all a fun time was had. I did mostly staff stuff but I did get to play a huge arena battle with brad and folks. My son Larped and I charged my chaos forces at the Ork Gargants…. Here are some shots. The battle was pretty mean, a ghost in the machine takes over all the titans on this one forge world and kill everybody and we are the forces sent to steal tech from the forge world fortress, we just have to destroy all the titans to do it.
My cauldron of blood and Nurgle marines.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chaos Shield

Just got back my old S.C.A. shield from my sister, it was rotting in the shack in front of the house. I painted it to look like a chaos warriors shield, here's a before and after shot.

Now it's "Blood for the blood god" time!"

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