Monday, June 7, 2010

No gaming just yet….

But my son and I did start our dark heresy campaign last weekend and it went very well. Right now his five players (Imperial Guard Troopers) are lost on a desert planet in the EYE of Terror, with a magical book they have to guard per order of the inquisition. It’s only going to get better and I will take some pictures and post some battle reports soon. The big news for me is I have past most of my authorizations for S.C.A. rapier combat at Melee Madness this weekend. Now I can fight Light and Heavy single rapier, rapier and dagger, and double rapier! I just have to work on my parry weapons (cloak, buckler, stick, and stuffed chicken, whatever….) my armor is mostly finished I just have to get some more spots covered. Here are some shots of me getting authorized…
Rapier and Cloak
Rapier and Cloak

Rapier and Dagger

Single Rapier

And Lord Po loses a leg...

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