Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Terminator "Cybertronic" Force

So this weekend I’ve been working on my Terminator army to use in an upcoming convention game. I’ve been watching the last season of Terminator, the Sarah Conner chronicles, also watched Terminator Salvation. I’ve been collecting some crazy robot models over the years and I finally want to throw them on the table and do some damage! I’m going to use them as Necrons in the big 40K arena battle at Dexcon. Here are some shots!
One of my "Immortals"
A warrior and a Immortal.
My Necron Lord
A Necron sniper?
Using the Hunter Killers as Necron Monoliths
A good portion of these models are Cybertronic from the Warzone system, some are one hit wonders like this heavy dreadnought with Chain blaster, I'm going to use this as a Heavy Destroyer.

The walking eggs are going to be Tomb Spyders

Another HK
Still wearing his meat.

I can't wait to play with these monsters... it's going to be fun... I'll be back!

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