Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor Who Artwork

I was just looking for some wallpaper for my PC when I came across Brian Williams on Check out his stuff HERE.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Terminator "Cybertronic" Force

So this weekend I’ve been working on my Terminator army to use in an upcoming convention game. I’ve been watching the last season of Terminator, the Sarah Conner chronicles, also watched Terminator Salvation. I’ve been collecting some crazy robot models over the years and I finally want to throw them on the table and do some damage! I’m going to use them as Necrons in the big 40K arena battle at Dexcon. Here are some shots!
One of my "Immortals"
A warrior and a Immortal.
My Necron Lord
A Necron sniper?
Using the Hunter Killers as Necron Monoliths
A good portion of these models are Cybertronic from the Warzone system, some are one hit wonders like this heavy dreadnought with Chain blaster, I'm going to use this as a Heavy Destroyer.

The walking eggs are going to be Tomb Spyders

Another HK
Still wearing his meat.

I can't wait to play with these monsters... it's going to be fun... I'll be back!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dark Heresy: Into the wasteland, part one

So Jarrett and I have started the campaign, he is running four Imperial guard troopers lost on a world caught on the tip of the eye of terror. The first part of the campaign was more a test of the combat system and working out the kinks with the new game. The players…
Sabian Mox: Imperial guard trooper, void born and my character.
Jack Ross: Trooper, hive ganger, and leader of the lost unit
Doriel Haxtcs: Trooper and resident psychic and Zuriel Havelocke:
Imperial guard career trooper and
hive ganger scum.

The main adventure had Jarrett’s Imperial guard unit being commandeered to transport a secure box to the imperial planet of Cidre. The inquisition needed the box contained ASAP and used Jack Ross’ unit as guards and expendable personal. The Starship HMS: Long-lift was traveling in the Warp when an attack forced the ship out of the warp over an unknown world and the unit was forced to exit the ship with the box on a shuttle.
The shuttle made a crash landing in the middle of the Red desert, the only survivors were the unit, all other personal were killed. On exiting the ship the troopers were attacked by large insect like creatures and they barely made it out alive.

Now with the box in tow, the troopers have to make it to the rendezvous point now listed on their personal comlinks. On the way they fought with Barbarian hordes, (Great use of hallucination grenades), Giant insects, and Chaos infantry. Doriel also found some rare items and a long lost wolf brother… over all a great time was had and when Jarrett gets back from Europe will shall continue with the mayhem.

Monday, June 7, 2010

No gaming just yet….

But my son and I did start our dark heresy campaign last weekend and it went very well. Right now his five players (Imperial Guard Troopers) are lost on a desert planet in the EYE of Terror, with a magical book they have to guard per order of the inquisition. It’s only going to get better and I will take some pictures and post some battle reports soon. The big news for me is I have past most of my authorizations for S.C.A. rapier combat at Melee Madness this weekend. Now I can fight Light and Heavy single rapier, rapier and dagger, and double rapier! I just have to work on my parry weapons (cloak, buckler, stick, and stuffed chicken, whatever….) my armor is mostly finished I just have to get some more spots covered. Here are some shots of me getting authorized…
Rapier and Cloak
Rapier and Cloak

Rapier and Dagger

Single Rapier

And Lord Po loses a leg...
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