Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dark Heresy

Well after a month I was able to visit with my son this weekend, and low and behold in his hands was the rule book for Dark Heresy! Now my son LOVES RPG games, we have played D&D, G.U.R.P.S., and Rifts, and even our X-Box and PC games are filled with role playing madness. We are also avid Warhammer 40K fans, playing the table top game, PC games, and even reading the novels. So dark heresy is going to be a shoe in, I just have to start reading the 395 pages of the book to start our adventures in that dark universe. Now my buddy Cyborg trucker has been writing about his foray into this universe even posting links and pictures of his party. I’ve posted some of his resources here just remember to jump over to his blog to check out all of his gaming goodness. It’s interesting, but back in the day I did try writing my own version of Warhammer 40K RPG using the G.U.R.P.S. rules. It was an interesting merge of WH40K and Starship Troopers because I thought the power suits should be more along the lines of Heinlein’s vision of human tanks. I had an entire campaign, my own chapter of Space marines, and I had the world called Cidre where all of these adventures happened. Dark heresy is more like the game Inquisitor, which I did try but never really did follow through with it. I’m hoping that the rules are easy to get through and the game mechanics are smooth, we shall see. I think my starting group will be a group of Imperial guard mercenaries, I’m thinking of calling them three skulls…
Dark Reign
Obscuro Hereticus
Dark Heresy Random Character Generator
Lexicanum: The Unofficial 40k Encyclopedia

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Cyborg Trucker said...

I love the system of combat and skills rolls. I think it is very nice. The tomes are a little monstrous BUT no one can really complain there isn't enough fluff or background info that translates to character bonuses and stuff. The Creature Anathema was (to me) a little of a let down. But only cause I didn't know it was more of a "Here's a bunch of critters with scenario ideas designed to introduce them to your party". I was more hoping for a straight up bestiary like you see in typical D&D.
If you ever want to talk DH, RT or when it comes out DW drop me an email(it's in my blog profile), OR I'm on Googletalk under the same handle.

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