Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been really busy…

Sorry gang, I’ve been so busy with life, work, and my new fencing hobby, I’ve not been painting and building stuff for gaming. My son and I have been larping, going to rapier and dagger class, and playing on the X-Box 360. I have been talking to my friend Bill about doing some Warzone (OOP gaming at it’s best!) He did set up a small skirmish with Dark legion VS Mishima forces, it was fun but I’m out of practice. On the X-Box I’ve been playing Jericho the Clive Barker first person shooter that I got for $7.00 at a local video store that’s going out of business.

It’s really fun, filled with occult and weird war madness.
The AI is a little annoying, but the basic game is fun, and hey $7.00! Evil Nazi witch

This weekend we go back to Nocturne, and hopefully by the end of the month returning to my first S.C.A. event. I’m losing a lot of weight right now, I’ve become a vegetarian about a year and a half ago and now I’ve stopped eating cheese. I’m also doing a lot of exercise with my wife; I want to lose about 50 pounds before the end of the summer, I’ve lost 30 pounds so far. I’m also getting back into armor making and sewing for my medieval crafts, digging out the sewing machine, looking for patterns, and collecting supplies. I’ve also got my rapier completed from bits and pieces I had lying around; I’m going to be using that tonight. All and all very busy with this upcoming event season….

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