Thursday, April 29, 2010

I hate the New Daleks

OK, so I’m slow on the up take, but just like the rest of the who fans out there. I hate the new design of the Daleks. They remind me of Power rangers with huge hump backs!

I do understand them wanting to start fresh and new with the Doctor, bringing in new villains and revamping the old ones, but these daleks are just too “new”, the iron-side daleks were fantastic and I just want to use them in my Weird World War 2 games, but these toy Daleks don’t do it for me. The new Doctor is interesting, but I’m saving my opinion for a later post.

…why do Daleks NEED to be different colors, anyway? It makes no sense. They “see” like this:
The colors are just not threatening enough; they really need to look like this:

Check it out at this site! Dalek Storm!


The Lord of Excess said...

Pretty cool stuff. I am sad to admit that I haven't been watching the new series until this week ... my wife and I finally started watching previous seasons on Netflix. I do have found memories as a kid of watching it on PBS in Oregon back in the early 80s on the weekends and in the evenings. There is just something about Dr. Who ... even the new show ... it was never about the special effects. Honestly many of the special effects are laughable by comparison to big budget Hollywood produced stuff ... yet its magic ... its wonderful and interesting despite that side of the show. There has always been good acting, and very interesting storyline to Dr. Who. The Daleks look really funny to someone who hasn't seen the show ... but after watching them in action ... they take on a super cool e-vile bad guy persona akin to Darth Vader. As for the light bright color scheme ... ya it does seem odd ... why would they care ... they seem a bit beyond that sort of thing (vision aside).

The Lord of Excess said...

Like I was saying I haven't gotten into the new show very deeply .. whats the deal with the Storm? It looks bad ass ... I assume that's just a fan project? Or was that actually in the show at some point?

slobberblood said...

I’ve been watching Dr. Who since I was ten years old (I’ve 47). Bad special effects, sets, and costumes have always been a BBC specialty, but it was the stories that really hooked me as a kid. I still watch cheesy movies to this day and as long as the story can grip me I will watch it till the end. The daleks have always been my favorite Sci Fi bad guys, but with this new genesis, they are just laughable as villains. The Dalek storm project is a fan project, but to be honest, their daleks blow these upstarts away! The ARE the Darth Vader of Daleks!

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