Thursday, April 29, 2010

I hate the New Daleks

OK, so I’m slow on the up take, but just like the rest of the who fans out there. I hate the new design of the Daleks. They remind me of Power rangers with huge hump backs!

I do understand them wanting to start fresh and new with the Doctor, bringing in new villains and revamping the old ones, but these daleks are just too “new”, the iron-side daleks were fantastic and I just want to use them in my Weird World War 2 games, but these toy Daleks don’t do it for me. The new Doctor is interesting, but I’m saving my opinion for a later post.

…why do Daleks NEED to be different colors, anyway? It makes no sense. They “see” like this:
The colors are just not threatening enough; they really need to look like this:

Check it out at this site! Dalek Storm!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peter Cushing - The Wargamer

British Pathe - PETER CUSHING
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

The fine art of rapier combat or pointy things hurt bad!

Once again, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’m working hard on learning rapier and dagger and heavy rapier. My friend Scott is working with me as well as other wonderful people from the barony of Endless Hills. Rapier combat is very intense; the only way to describe it is like combat chess. You need to make choices and moves and counter your opponent’s moves, thinking ahead all the time. You need to be fast on your feet, strike like a snake when your enemy makes a mistake, and protect yourself at all times. Now I’m use to a different kind of combat, with weapons I’ve done heavy SCA (sword and shield, Pole-arm, Great sword, and Florentine), collegiate fencing, and kendo. So even though rapier is very close to collegiate fencing, it is done in the round, the attacks are more realistic, not just point attacks, but slash and cut, and the hits are pretty light compared to the other sports I’ve mentioned. With the calibration I have to imagine that we are working with light sabers or poisoned weapons, any touch will cause death, except with draw cuts, those have to be a least 6 inches to be effective. Now I am getting better or so Scott says, I’ve been watching the other players, learning their style, I’ve been reading manuscripts from the 15th century, and watching varies groups on for pointers (no pun intended!) , so I feel like I’m getting familiar with the sport.
I’ve always been a fan of swashbuckler movies, the three musketeers the original movie from the 1970’s was and still is my number one movie and was watched multiple times during my first years with the SCA. My garb, persona, and name were crafted after a rogue mercenary from the 16th century Spain, a half Moor Spaniard, duelist, lover, artist, and all around fun guy, but during the early days of the SCA there was no Rapier combat, only heavy rattan fighting and maybe some boffers.
Now I can bring back Lord Jakaal and finally complete the man I was in a past life. Right now I’m teaching myself how to make my own garb and crafting my own armor, this is taking up all of my time. I’m also hoping to get qualified soon in the art forms I’m falling in love with. I hope to work towards getting some wins under my belt, getting my persona up to par, and maybe, just maybe, one day to be a Knight or a Don, we shall see…

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctor Who Series 5

I did see the first episode and was very happy with it, but this really made me freak out!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been really busy…

Sorry gang, I’ve been so busy with life, work, and my new fencing hobby, I’ve not been painting and building stuff for gaming. My son and I have been larping, going to rapier and dagger class, and playing on the X-Box 360. I have been talking to my friend Bill about doing some Warzone (OOP gaming at it’s best!) He did set up a small skirmish with Dark legion VS Mishima forces, it was fun but I’m out of practice. On the X-Box I’ve been playing Jericho the Clive Barker first person shooter that I got for $7.00 at a local video store that’s going out of business.

It’s really fun, filled with occult and weird war madness.
The AI is a little annoying, but the basic game is fun, and hey $7.00! Evil Nazi witch

This weekend we go back to Nocturne, and hopefully by the end of the month returning to my first S.C.A. event. I’m losing a lot of weight right now, I’ve become a vegetarian about a year and a half ago and now I’ve stopped eating cheese. I’m also doing a lot of exercise with my wife; I want to lose about 50 pounds before the end of the summer, I’ve lost 30 pounds so far. I’m also getting back into armor making and sewing for my medieval crafts, digging out the sewing machine, looking for patterns, and collecting supplies. I’ve also got my rapier completed from bits and pieces I had lying around; I’m going to be using that tonight. All and all very busy with this upcoming event season….
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