Monday, March 15, 2010

Working on my new persona

Since I’m jumping back into this SCA and Larping world, I want to work on a totally new persona. I want to go towards more of a Captain Alatriste look and feel for the character.
I’ve read a few books and was taken by the character and the mood of the time period. Looking at some of the movie shots I love the rough and tumble look of the Captain, a no nonsense professional soldier. Looking at the garb, we are looking at basic linens and leather, nothing too fancy. I like functional clothing, something that can take a tumble and still look good in court.
Also with the advent of my rapier and dagger fencing classes, the jerkin that I will be getting back with fit perfect with this timeframe. I do need to modify it a bit to make it rapier armor, I still have a lot of the leather that was used in its initial construction; I’m also going to make a leather gorget as well. I’m still looking for my gloves; I can’t seem to locate them anywhere!
So I might need to make a new purchase of gauntlets, fencing gloves, and a new helm, man do I need money. I have to breath life into our old sewing machine so I can start making garb again.

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