Sunday, March 14, 2010

Larping: it's a work out...

I am sore
Nocturne is a Larping group that meets in New Jersey about once a month and is run by a group of friends of mine that include Bill, Linda, and Joe. Now I’ve been role playing and have belong to reenactment groups for many years now, but I never played in a fantasy larp before. My son was itching to play ever since we had some lengthy conversations with Linda who is one of the directors of the group. So yesterday I gathered all my bedding, garb, food, and weapons and drove down to a Boy Scout camp in Allamuchy, NJ with my son. Oh course we went during a monsoon that was sweeping through the East coast, my luck was holding out as always, bad, bad, bad. We were going to NPC for the entire event, basically playing monsters for the varies stories or mods that were being run for the event.
Jarrett and I played Demons, Were Rats, Goblins, evil mercenaries, and Stone Golems. As demons we went out into the town and harassed the players with claws and fire balls, as evil mercenaries we were accused of murdering and butcher entire towns and poisoning healers, and as Goblins we pretty much ruled.

Joe played some really tough Characters including a huge demon that took the entire town to finally destroy.
A couple of things of note, Jarrett and I as demons were attacking a cabin and a PC (Player character) walk past us coming from the bathroom with no weapons and knocked on the door to get into said cabin, we didn’t attack because he was so confident we thought he was one of us (he had horns, a player demon PC) His friend promptly through him a sword and he destroyed us, he looked down at us afterword and said “I can’t believe you guys didn’t attack me!”
The fighting was very confusing for me, I am use to fighting one and one to win, mostly an exchange of blows and we are done, but in these rules, you hit to do a set of damage ranges, just like in D&D. So you swing your sword and scream 3 damage and if it hits you subtract this damage from your hit points. But as an NPC, you are usually attacked by a lot of players, easily a three to one ratio. So you kind of feel like this:I did get my exercise in with all the running, fighting, hiking up hills, and non-stop movement from 10 am till 3 am last night.
All in all a great time was had and I will be going back to play and kill with my new friends at Nocturne.

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