Thursday, January 7, 2010

OK, I’m hibernating in my Tardis staying away from the cold and snow.

I’m working from home about 80% of the time helping my customers with my technical expertise and working on my hobby at the same time. I’m on a scenery and gluing campaign getting ready for the next convention and also working on some future science fiction projects. I just spent the last few gluing sessions putting together some Arachnid Warriors from Starship Troopers, I do like these models, and I know I’m slow on the uptake, but hey I have a ton of games that I play. (Thanks Mike!) I’m also still building wasteland scenery; I will be posting more pictures of those.

Off the subject, my new game obsession is Borderlands! WOW! It has everything I love about gaming, role playing, a dangerous wasteland, mutants, maniacs, aliens, coop play, and lots and lots of guns! If you don’t have this game and you own an X-Box 360, shame on you! Go out and get this game! Back to the table top, my next scenery for my Fallout game is going to be nuclear hotspot markers, Vault locations, and some settlements.

I’m also planning on doing some play testing of the rules this weekend; I might post a battle report with pictures.

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