Saturday, January 16, 2010

More table shots...and beta test

Not really much of a battle report, more a test of my new Fallout table and some play testing of the new Space wolf codex.
My Son's forces
1500 points
(HQ)Njal Stormcaller
(HQ)Bjorn The Fell Handed
(10)Grey Hunters
(5)Skyclaws jumpers
(6)Long Fangs
(Lascanon – multimelta – Heavy Bolter – Missle launcher x2
power weapon, melta bombs plasma pistol)
Predator with (Lascannon sidesponsons, Storm bolter, Hunter killer missle.)
My Forces (1498 points)
(HQ)Unclean One
(HQ)Keeper of Secrets
(10)Plaguebearers (Icon)
(12)Daemonettes (Icon)
(15)Pink Horrors
(5)Flamers (Elites)
(1)Demon Prince (Nurgle)(Mark of NURGLE, Aura of Decay)
(1)Demon Prince (TZ)(Mark of Tz, Bolt of Tz,Soul Devourer)
The battle was six rounds, Njal Stormcaller's powers are just crazy, but I did finally kill him with my Keeper of Secrets. The new Space wolves are tons of fun to play with, but my son and I need a bit more practice…

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The Acrobatic Flea said...

The top left picture (without Robby The Robot) looks like a shot from "The Road" ;)

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