Monday, January 25, 2010

Borderlands and “modded” guns

OK, I love borderlands, let me state this first, it’s a great shooter, RPG, and coop game. I love to play with people, I love to help other players who are just starting out, and it’s a great game to just play and relax with. My major rant with the game is modding of guns and equipment to such an extreme that it’s basically cheating. Here’s the scenario, you can duel other players if you engage in close combat. Most of the time it’s a fair battle with two players who at the same level can duke it out and the best man wins. What I am seeing is another story, I get challenge to a duel by a player how is 6 levels lower then me, now in game terms any monster or person three levels lower would be crushed by me. Its how the game works, but this “player” has a modded gun.
So when the duel commences he shoots me with 1000 rockets doing 10,000 points of damage per hit. I’m stunned, and the player walks off chuckling… Now I don’t mind losing, and I love a fair game where my butt is kicked, but come on! It is getting so bad that I turned off the duel mode and ignore these cheating idiots with their super weapons. Most online games have an anti cheat program that can find these types of exploits and fine the player for cheating, I think borderlands needs to start such an update to keep these cheaters from ruining the Coop and RPG experience.

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Tony said...

The question is: how do I get my hands on some modded guns?

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