Monday, October 12, 2009


Sorry I’ve not been updating lately, my work place has become very stressful. The financial crisis is adversely affecting my work place, at this time it’s going through a series of layoffs and restructuring that’s putting a lot of work on the team that I belong too. When I get home my head is so fuzzy I can only sit and mindlessly play video games. My gaming group is going well, we get together about once a month, my son and I see each other once every two weeks and we get some gaming done then.
(We played Necromunda this weekend.)
We did get to see Zombieland this weekend, and it was great! I’m hoping to go through the rest of my forces this week and get some armies up to speed, Halloween is around the corner and that’s my 5th wedding anniversary. I really need to go shopping and get a gift. I got to play Crash course in Left 4 dead with my buddies from work and my brother which was a ton of fun…. I’m hoping to get some model tanks soon to model to take my mind off all the stress… I will post pictures if and when completed. -Cheers

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