Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack Kirby estate will wrest copyrights back from Disney-Marvel

The heirs of Jack Kirby -- the comics legend who made Marvel what it is today -- are seeking to employ a little-used copyright rule that lets them wrest Kirby's creations away from Marvel (soon to be Disney-Marvel) and put them back under the estate's control. If they succeed, it will be awfully weird and deadlocked, though, as there will be trademarks covering the characters that still belong to Disney-Marvel; and the collectively created characters, stories, art and situations will be jointly held by two hostile parties: Disney-Marvel and the Kirbys.

My guess is that the Kirbys will end up with the economic right to the characters -- a share of the profits -- but not the moral right -- the right to veto various uses and licenses.

After Disney-Marvel Deal, Cartoonist's Heirs Seek to Reclaim Rights (via Making Light)

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