Friday, September 4, 2009

District 9 the Lost Halo movie….

Ok, first off I loved District 9; it had everything I love in a good science fiction film.

A fantastic and gripping story, amazing special effects, fantastic examples of futuristic weaponry in action, Pathos, and a true example of how rotten a species we really are. What a great place for a race of “worker” ants to land (or hover) without their masters, South Africa. A country that has been a stellar example of racism in the past, a wild west of cultures and beliefs, and a possible place were Aliens could coexist with humans with horrible consequences.

I found it very believable and enjoyable, and I fear it was dead on target. Well so much for my mini review of a movie that’s finished its run.

The one thing that I heard that I was not sure of was this movie had a ton of Halo the movie props. I did hear in the past that a Halo movie was in the works, I saw the Warthog, the Halo Battle armor, and the weapons and I think it just faded away. But some one told me a lot of the military props in this movie were from the Halo movie, is this true?

I can tell you right now the battle scenes were amazing, and the rifles that were used did look familiar, but were they really holdovers from the Halo film? Here are some pictures, you my cultists tell me…

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Vampifan said...

You are right about the Halo connection. Neill Blomkamp was due to direct Halo but the studio pulled the plug on the project before it really got started and Peter Jackson persuaded him to direct District 9, a short story that Blomkamp had penned, instead. Will Halo ever reach the big screen? I have no idea. Blomkamp has stated that the next film he directs will be another sci-fi film but it won't be Halo. District 10? Who knows?

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