Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend battlefest

I had a great time with my friends last night, we had a bring and battle 1500 points, five players, and a 12 foot table. here are some shots...

Dan: "I heard Jim carved those fences himself from Caribou bones."

Rob: "Now, by taking the square root of pie and adding the coefficient..."

Jeff: "Fucking bladestorm..."

Frank: "Where're the chips?""

Abbadon and his Terminators

Nurgle Marines VS Fire Dragons

"Nope, there isn't a giant robot hiding behind a tree with a very large rifle. Just your imagination. Ignore it. It'll be okay."

Noise Marines: " PLAY FREE BIRD!"


Thanks to Frank, Dan, Jeff, and Bob for coming down!

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kungpoweyeballs said...

Hey, I know, I know, Why am I posting here and no I know how to find you, so forget about trying to remain illusive....Its been a long time, But Happy Birthday!

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