Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still working on tanks….

Yesterday evening I once again spent time building my new model kits. Right now working on a T55A that I’m going to turn into a Hellhound for my Neo-Russians, I will post pictures once it’s done. I’m re-watching season two of the new Doctor Who, it’s always best to watch something old and entertaining when doing my painting or modeling it's a Zen thing. I’m also searching through all of my bits boxes to find good science fiction bits to place on said tanks.

Tomorrow I will clean up for the Saturday event, also need to pick my army I'm going with Chaos. It’s two weeks till my birthday, I asked for Warhammer 40k stuff and model stuff, I can’t wait to see what I get, I'm hoping for Tank bits.
A friend of mine that I’ve known for about 15 years just lost a cousin in Afghanistan over the weekend; I’ve sending all my prayers to his family.
My Ex-wife is going over to Afghanistan this fall; I’m worried about her even though she is a company commander and will probably be in a bunker. It’s funny I LOVE wargaming, PC games, tabletop, and board games, I’ve played with toy soldiers all of my life, but war is a horrible despicable thing and I wish we could be done with it.

Anyway… just a small rant, I just want our boys back home... (Queue the Pink Floyd)

I’ve been thinking about my birthday, I’m going to be 47 and the end of this month, and it occurred to me that I have about 20 to 30 more years left of life… Yikes! Where did all that time go? We’re not even living on the Moon or have flying cars like in Bladerunner!
BTW Bladerunner is set in 2019, so ten years from now we will be colonizing space and making human like androids, so let’s get to it America.
Getting old is the reason I’ve been eating better and exercising with my young wife Paula; she turned me into a Vegetarian (Like a Werewolf bite) me, Mr. Pork Lover… anyway, that’s it for now, back to work and more model tanks…


The Acrobatic Flea said...

Best wishes to your ex-wife, and all those other brave and heroic souls out there.

I share your views exactly on the relationship between gaming war and real war.

(Nice Floyd reference as well ;-))

As to the whole "getting old" thing, that was a topic of much discussion last night when I (aged 42) got together with one of my oldest friends (43), neither of us in the greatest of health, to put the world to rights (over several cups of tea and an England football match).

Where are the flying cars and jet packs we were promised?

slobberblood said...

Thanks The Acrobatic Flea, I'm praying it all works out for us. I'd hate to have to raise two little ones without a MOM...

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