Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A BIG Birthday gift from my friend Turk!

I just got a big box from UPS today, from my buddy Turk (I've know him for about 20 years...) it contained a pile of model kits.... Thanks dude...
here's the list!
AEF Designs 1/35th scale Resin Item # KM-12 Iraqi T-69 (With side
skirts) Update. Box Poor. Parts still in plastic

Tamiya 1/35th scale Chieftain Mk 5. Box water damaged. Kit intact and

Testors 1/35th scale Modern light weapons set. Box damaged, set

Tamiya 1/50th scale Type O Pete Float plane. Box slightly damaged. Kit
fully intact.

AEF Designs 1/35th scale T-64b update. Complete, box water damaged.

Italeri 1/35th scale Leopard 2. Box W.D'd , Incomplete. (Most of
turret and treads missing)

ESCI 1/35th scale LAV-25 Command vehicle. Intact, complete, box
completely destroyed.

Tamiya 1/35th scale Centurion 3 (Motorized, but motor badly corroded)
Box W.D'd, kit intact, partly assembled.

AMT 1/35th scale T-55. Box still wrapped in plastic, but flattened and

DML 1/35th scale M1A1 w/ mine plow. Box W.D'd kit partially assembled,
some resin cast upgrades in box.

Tamiya 1/35th scale M-2 Bradley. Sprues still in plastic, box slightly

Tamiya 1/35th scale Hummer, with M 242 Bushmaster cannon. Complete,
intact, box slightly damaged.

Academy-Minicraft 1/35th scale Centurion 3. Incomplete, unassembled,
box damaged.

AEF designs 1/35th scale Merkava 3. Complete kit. Unassembled, Box
Badly damaged.

AEF designs 1/35th scale Merkava (unsure of mark) Complete kit, box
completely gone.

DML 1/35th scale T-72G/M Complete, intact, sprues still in bag. Box

Italeri 1/35th scale U.S.M.C. LAV-25 Piranha. Partially assembled,
possibly incomplete, box damaged.

Revell ' 69 Corvette 427 Coupe. 1/25th scale. Model complete and
intact, unassembled, decals ruined. Box fair.

Italeri 1/35th scale Leopard 2 Box damaged, treads missing, otherwise
complete, intact, and unassembled.

AMT Soviet T-55 MBT 1/35th scale. Box flattened, but still wrapped in
plastic and unopened.

Academy-Minicraft Centurion 3. 1/35th scale. Turret missing, but
otherwise intact and complete. Box damaged.

Lindbergh USSR T-55 MBT. 1/35th scale. Unopened, plastic still on box,
but flat and water damaged.

AEF Designs Modern Jeep. (1950-70) 1/35th scale. Resin. Photo etched
brass. Looks complete. Box damaged. Can be made U.S., or Israeli.

AEF Designs resin Update 1/35th scale. Iraqi Applique armor for body
and turret of T-55. Box damaged. Seems complete.

AEF Designs 1/35th scale U.S. CJ-5 Jeep/ IDF CJ-5. Resin. Kit
complete. Box damaged.

120MM Resin Bust (Made in Belgium) of a U.S. General in Gulf War 1
uniform. Looks like Schwartzkopf.

DML 1/144th Scale Mig-29 and SU-27. Both intact and unbuilt. Sprues
still in plastic bags, boxes stuck together by water damage.

Academy-Minicraft 1/35th scale M-151A2 Mutt. All sprues still in
plastic, Box, decals, instructions destroyed by water.

AEF Designs 1/35th scale M-60 IDF updates. Resin. (Turret and add
ons) Box damaged.

AEF Designs 1/35th scale JS-3 Stalin Updates. Almost complete, box
I'm thinking of turning most of them into Imperial guard Tanks.... just like this guy...

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