Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Big 1500 Point 40K Bonanza

This weekend is the first meeting of the Scranton/Hazleton Warhammer 40K gaming group. I’ve been working for about two months to get this group together. I also joined a local wargaming group, but most of the really cool members are still too far away for a jaunt back and forth, but you never know. We have about eight people attending; we are going to go for two tables with basic scenarios. I might just bow out and just game master I’m not really sure. But if I play I’m not sure what army to run, I’m choosing between Orks, Chaos, or Imperial Guard. (Anybody have any thoughts out there at 1500 points?) I’m starting my MEGA tank building session with my birthday presents from Turk, TMPer’s had some great ideas for kit bashing and I will take note. Mostly it’s going to be Tanks for my Imperial Guard Neo-Brits, Neo-Germans with some Neo-Russians thrown in; of course I will post pics… After this weekend I will go back to painting more Weird War forces that have been waiting on my shelf. -J

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