Monday, August 3, 2009

Being the Doctor in Fallout 3 Part 2

My son just sent this link to me via Facebook!

The Tardis in Fallout 3
Instant travel around the wasteland in a travel machine cunningly disguised as a London police box. Yup, the TARDIS as seen in Doctor Who has made it to the wasteland and is ready to take you all over the map at the push of a button. This is version 1 so it's functional but pretty basic. Future plans depend on how well this one goes down but include improvements to the control room, expanding the interior, and maybe I'll lock the door and add a quest for the key and a power source to jump-start it. The TARDIS mesh is a slightly modified version of my Oblivion TARDIS (yes, I did ask myself for permission to use it!), with a texture based on the latest publicity shots for the upcoming series 5 (or 31 depending how you count them) with the newest Doctor.

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