Monday, August 31, 2009

Basilisk T55 Mod

So this is my kit bashed basilisk for my Imperial guard army. It was built using a T55 tank model, a Marx Howitzer from an army men play-set, and bits from Leman Russ kits I got from Horde o bits. I just dry brushed it, weather it, and also added camo netting for that 4+ save.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Battle with Frank

So for my birthday, Frank came down to kick my ass with Eldar.
He did... I used Imperial Guard....
Here are a few shots plus my WIP of my Basilisk.

Eldar in the ruins...

WIP of Basilisk.

Shoot them!


Fire Dragons.

I hate fire Dragons...

Sentinels and Basilisk.

Frank's really cool paint jobs...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Tank Shots...

Still building and modding tanks for Warhammer 40K

Some converted A.P.C.s

My Leman Russ Stand in a T55 with Las cannon.

I still have a ton of Tanks to build, plus my birthday this weekend will bring me I hope some parts to mod with.. (Hint if you are looking to get me something for my birthday, go to Horde O Bits.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Seven days till my birthday so...

Lets check out some Horror movies coming down the pipe...
First off
Click the link for trailer
Inspired by the classic Universal film that launched a legacy of horror, The Wolf Man brings the myth of a cursed man back to its iconic origins. Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot, a haunted nobleman lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes.

Director: Joe Johnston

It's Alive

A remake of the 1974 cult classic, It’s Alive is a gore splattered cautionary tale of the terrifying consequences of experimental drug testing. Bijou Phillips stars as Lenore Harker, a normal High School senior who seems to have it all: a boyfriend who loves her, great grades and a new baby on the way. Above all, she is certain of one thing, the baby she and Frank (James Murray) are expecting is going to be special. The fate of the happy new couple takes a sinister turn as the doctors and nurses delivering their baby are all brutally murdered, leaving just Lenore and her baby miraculously safe.

Genre: Horror
Director: Josef Rusnak
Writers: Larry Cohen, Paul Sopocy, James Portolese, Larry Cohen

Dorian Gray (2009)

Based on the classic novel by Oscar Wilde, Dorian Gray tells the story of a strikingly beautiful young man named Dorian (Ben Barnes). He arrives in Victorian London and is swept into a social whirlwind by the charismatic Henry Wotton (Colin Firth).
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Director: Oliver Parker

Legion (2010)

After a terrifying biblical apocalypse descends upon the world, a group of strangers stranded in a remote truck stop diner in the Southwest unwittingly become humanity's last line of defense when they discover the diner's young waitress is pregnant with the messiah.

Director: Scott Stewart

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I learned from the Battlefest.

(1) Eldar Bladestorm = suck.
(2) Plague marines are some of the best foot infantry in the game.
(3) Don’t teleport your Terminators in range of three demolishers.
(4) Melta guns, melta guns, melta guns.
(5) Abbadon is kick ass, but walk him in and avoid number three.
(6) Purchase more Tanks.
(7) Support weapons are your friends, purchase more of these.
(8) I need to repaint my funny looking Chaos marines.
(9) Need to scratch build a Skull Tower.

(10) I need to play more then once a month!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Space Hulk... again after all these years....

The models look great, but I wish the corridors were plastic, the price is a little too high for me…

Space Hulk

From the depths of space an ancient vessel drifts slowly towards the Imperium of Mankind - a space hulk. Within its confines, untold thousands of Genestealers slowly emerge from hibernation. The Space Marines must enter the cramped corridors and tomb-like chambers of the ancient ship to defeat this alien menace.

Space Hulk is a board game for two players, recreating the battles fought between the Space Marines and Genestealers. One player commands the Space Marines as they carry out deadly missions in the ancient Space Hulk, and the other commands the horde of Genestealers opposing them. Space Hulk's fast-paced rules simulate the tense atmosphere of a mission deep inside the cramped confines of a derelict space hulk, where split-second decisions are needed for victory.

This boxed game contains: a 23-page Rulebook, a 47-page Mission book and 35 finely-detailed, plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 11 Space Marine Terminators, one Space Marine Terminator Librarian, 22 Genestealers, and one Broodlord.

Also included are: 105 gaming counters, 24 corridors, 10 rooms, eight crossroads, eight T-junctions, six corner sections, four dead ends, four end pieces, 20 doors with plastic stands, one mission status display, and three plastic mission objectives, including: a dead Space Marine on throne, a Blood Angels artefact and a Cyber-Altered Task Unit. Plus a sand timer and five bone-coloured dice unique to this game.

Price: $99.00

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend battlefest

I had a great time with my friends last night, we had a bring and battle 1500 points, five players, and a 12 foot table. here are some shots...

Dan: "I heard Jim carved those fences himself from Caribou bones."

Rob: "Now, by taking the square root of pie and adding the coefficient..."

Jeff: "Fucking bladestorm..."

Frank: "Where're the chips?""

Abbadon and his Terminators

Nurgle Marines VS Fire Dragons

"Nope, there isn't a giant robot hiding behind a tree with a very large rifle. Just your imagination. Ignore it. It'll be okay."

Noise Marines: " PLAY FREE BIRD!"


Thanks to Frank, Dan, Jeff, and Bob for coming down!
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