Monday, June 8, 2009

One week before the convention.

Oh my, it’s been a busy few months, here’s an idea of what I’ve done.
1) Painted table to look like city streets.
2) Built and painted entire city scenery. (Resin, foam, dollar store.)
3) Purchased and re based 150 zombie models.
4) Received and painted 50 survivor figures.
5) Collected and received 25 die cast vehicles.
6) Worked on the rules and play tested them over a month of games.
7) Painted the Underhive.
8) Created custom zombie heroes.
9) Finished packing this weekend.

Most of this weekend was spent playing Star Wars miniatures games with Jarrett (We wanted to do something different, NO ZOMBIES!) The convention is far away and I’m still working out the driving and plan for the weekend, ugh, I hate driving long distances.
I really feel this is going to be a world of fun, I do hope so… I will post a report on Sunday. -J

1 comment:

Cyborg Trucker said...

I hope you take a ton of photos. This I REALLY want to see.

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