Monday, June 15, 2009

Ok, what’s next?

Well the Beta test went well for the Left4Dead games, I do have to tweak the Underhive rules, but I got a lot of good comments about the game play. I did update the saves for the zombie and the random rolls for reinforcements, but I still need more play testing. My buddy Mike gifted to me 10 arachnid warriors, which I will quickly put together and paint.
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I LOVE Starship Troopers and want to play some games with my Son, I have the Power suits, but no regular infantry. I can use Imperial guard that I have tons of including some troopers that would make good MI Troopers. I met some really cool people, including a guy who did this battle… Starwars Vs Starship Troopers
I'm also going to start my Necromunda Fallout mod... I'll post some pics of the models I've been working on...

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