Sunday, June 14, 2009

Left 4 Dead Battle Report NJCON

Detective Mathews had worked hard on this sting, Jimmy the Mooch and Lord Tanaka were Meeting at the Loading docks right now, his men are in place and the stage is set. If he could get Tanaka to accept the drug money his men would move in and capture the leading crime boss of Big City. It’s weird that the local civilians were acting so damn strange lately, and that weird blue light coming from the construction yard, what’s with that?
Faction: Police detective squad (Vice)
Mission: To arrest the Mafia boss and his gang, Optional mission: To escape the city.
4) Detectives with hand guns.
4) Beat cops with Sub machine guns and heavy armor.

There is an evil wind flowing through this city, demons and spirits take flight, Boss Tanaka was worried. The so called “Jimmy the Mooch had asked for this audience with him, and would not turn over the millions of dollars in drug money till he’d agreed, he had brought with him his best men, and his favorite assassin to protect him. But the city was filled with cries and strange lights, His Grandmother had told him of Demons when he was a boy, and to be mindful of their approach. Forty years later and he could feel the devil wind approaching, we must be mindful.
Faction: Yakuza
Mission: To escape the city with the boss.
Optional mission: to escape with the drug money.
Boss Tanaka and his two Geishas.
2) Yakuza body guard, sub machine guns and Katanas.
1) Assassin “Stop-Stop” Hand gun and Ninjutsu
Jimmy the Mooch.
3) Body Guards with 1 assault rifle and two handguns.

The block counsel had gathered together to discuss the violence that had erupted over that last six hours, these were not riots; these were insane mobs out for human flesh! Something was infecting people, and it had to do with that damned construction yard, toxic waste, poison gas, or just a lab experiment gone wrong? It doesn’t matter; we are getting out of town tonight!
Faction: Civilians
Mission: To locate family members and escape the City. (Left4Dead heroes)
Optional mission: to escape with little or no casualties (75%).
8) Unarmed civilians, Chain saw Bob and Marco with 2 hand guns.
Alpha and Beta teams are set to investigate the Riots and the activity at the local UMBRA corporation construction site. The Captain has order an evacuation of the local populous and to shut down the construction site and find out what is causing these insane riots. The teams are locked and loaded, this mission will be completed.
Faction: S.W.A.T. Team Alpha
Mission: To assist the survivors to escape the city, optional mission: Investigate the source of the infection.
Faction: S.W.A.T. Team Beta
Mission: To locate and save the Mayor’s children, optional mission: To investigate the source of the infection.

This is the stage for the first Battle of my Left4Dead game. The game had four players and two GMs, my Son Jarrett and I. It was a four hour game with many rounds, and I’m just going to break it down to the highlights. The city board was 6 ½ by 4 ½ feet long, six roads lead into the city and a main street running down the center. The main interest areas are the loading dock area, the construction yard, and the refinery. The police faction and the Mafia faction start at the loading docks, the civilians start in the center of the board, the SWAT teams start near the Refinery and near the civilians. The first turn starts with D6 zombies in the spawn points (the six incoming roads).
The Police start their turn with trying to capture the Mob boss, moving two men to arrest the criminals, one of the cops notices a stumbling wreak of a man heading towards them. He takes a leadership test to see if this is a zombie or not, and decides not to open fire. The rest of the police are fired upon by the Mafia guards, one Police officer is hit in the exchange. The Mafia Faction knowing the meeting is a sting try to make a break for it, but is pinned in by the Police and a large truck which blocks the way to the waiting limo. The zombies in this section of the board just head towards the Police, that same truck keeping the Mafia out of view, the guards and stop-stop moving to protect their boss.
The civilians started fast, searching through the local buildings to find their loved ones with no such luck, but they did find a friend; Alice riding her motorcycle and toting massive firepower joined them in their search.
The SWAT teams moved to their mission locations, but because of bad luck or the will of the gods, The Mobs swarmed to that section of the table, Team Alpha getting pinned at the local Gas refinery, the other team being attacked in the center of the board. Both Teams unloaded a lot of bullets into the mobs bring very little down and attracting the attention of a Smoker and a Tank.

The Mafia and Police also were unloading a lot of bullets, but at each other, this of course summoned yet another huge mob to them, but once again the huge truck in the loading docks blocking the view of the Yakuza. The Zombies only seeing the Police attacked them, one trooper was shot, one pulled down by the mob, and the other being infected by random card draw. The detectives seeing their officers being killed try to pull back to regroup, the Mafia was also under attack, some zombies crawled under the truck, and attacked the guards and Stop-Stop.


Alice and the civilians search more building on their side of the table finding two of their family members, but a little bad luck hit the group as one civilian Tom was killed by a Witch, and another two were mobbed by three zombies in a burning building. Alice in hand to hand combat killed 6 zombies and led the survivors to not one, but two working trucks. The civilians had decided to load everybody on to the trucks and do quick searches by drive by and escape the city, using the trucks to run over the slow witted mobs.

The SWAT teams were in trouble, Team Alpha was down to their last two men, never making it out of the Refinery, and Team Beta tried to support them but was caught between a Tank and a full Mob, The SWAT player decided to perform a dangerous gamble, and fired all of his weapons at some Gas tanks. The Refinery exploded, killing most of the zombies in the area including the Tank, but also killing all but two Swat team members. The SWAT player also decided to escape the city, and tried to get to the two trucks driving down Main Street.

The Police losing all of its officers accept for two detectives also raced towards the trucks, The Yakuza player after defeating the Mob that had them pinned in, hotwired a car and escape the city with the boss, Jimmy the Mooch and his henchmen being left behind to fend for themselves.
The big winner in this game was the Civilian Player, not only completed her objectives but also saving two other surviving factions and escaping.
The Yakuza player also was a big winner, escaping with the Boss and the cash. Over all a great game and I can’t wait to play it again at Dexcon.

Here are some more shots from the games, and a big thanks to my friend Mike, the Director of the convention.


John Price said...

What a great game! I bow to your amazing terrain-building skills. Wish my own boards looked half so impressive.

slobberblood said...

Thanks John, I did spend a lot of time working on this. Now for my next crazy Project: Fallout 3 Necromunda!

Cyborg Trucker said...

Awesome photos, table set-up and figs! Thanks for the report!

Vampifan said...

Fantastic battle report. I really liked your gaming board. What particularly caught my eye was the way you "dirtied up" your vehicles - a nice touch! Plus, you have a great collection of vehicles to boot. Thanks for sharing mate!

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