Monday, June 22, 2009

Dexcon 2009

So I spoke to the director of the convention and I’m running three games plus helping with the Warhammer 40K arena. I’m going to be there Friday till Sunday, running a game Friday at 8PM till 12 Midnight and Sunday two games. I’m going to change the rules a bit, and also I’m not bringing the Underhive. It’s so big and cumbersome, I’m just going to bring Doom the board game tiles and resin scenery. I spent the weekend creating fences for my city board, also touch up the buildings and get the rest of the resin scenery painted up this week.

My children are away for the summer, my daughter Kelly is with her birth mom in Arizona, Jarrett is spending this week with his grandparents, and then I get him for Dexcon, and then I don’t see him for the rest of the summer. His birth Mother is a Major in the Army reserves, she is going to Afghanistan in the winter for a year so she wants’ to spend as much time with our son just in case. This is her second tour and I’m worried about her.

I’ve been talking to some friends at work about Warhammer 40k, my friend Jeff has a Blood angel’s army, and Frank has an Eldar force being painted as we speak. I want to try to get a battle one or twice a month if I can, I of course have so much 40K stuff I can field almost any army.

I’m going to finish up some survivors, Doom demons and Zombies, and some Judge Dredd stuff that I got from Jim this weekend… That’s it for now…

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