Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Medical issues and a new computer.

So I’ve been having issues with my back, I just got an MRI and discovered I have a herniated disk as well as some disk shrinkage. This is making sitting at my desk for work and painting almost impossible. I have finished up a lot of scenery, but I still have the sewer board and most of the paper work that still has to be done before NJCON. My kids were over this weekend, my son Jarrett and my daughter Kelly. Both are crazy PC users and have purchased a gift for my new PC. Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead, wow they look great on my new PC. I didn’t know that the X-Box graphics card was so low res. The wasteland never looked so good. Of course since it’s on my PC I HAVE TO MOD!!!

So I’ve installed Warhammer 40K models, weapons, and NPCs! Ton’s of fun, hopefully my back will be repaired soon, and I can sit and paint and play with my new cool stuff.



I’m changing everything that has bugged me in the past with graphics, textures, models, and music, the Fallout 3 Nexus site is filled with tons of modifications to explore. Being a 40K nerd, I already changed all the power armor to Space marine armor. Weapons are also getting this upgrade, Bolters, Lasguns, and chain swords are being added as well. There’s another MOD called enclave commander that’s lets you summon tactical squads, heavy support and even combat robots. With the 40K MOD all the Enclave troopers are Space marines, I love it! You can also place new map locations and add new companions. This is going to be my new obsession for sometime of the future…

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