Monday, January 19, 2009

Russian delivery

This weird war scenario is a convoy mission.
The Russian are working with the Americans to transport a prototype walking tank called Colossus. The boat that was transporting the tank was damage by Nazi aircraft and needs to travel across a town before it can be stored at an allied fortified test lab.

Allied mission:
Protect and transport the Giant tank to the test lab.
(1) Giant Tank “Colossus”
(2) Five man rifle teams
(3) Three Russian battle suits “Bears”
(4) Two heavy Battle tanks.
(5) One mortar Team.

The Luftwaffe has reported to the Nazi special forces of the ship and its special weapon. A crack team of heavy infantry and the commander of the super science and occult division is heading to cut them off and capture the new device.

Axis Mission:
Destroy and Capture.
(1) Two rifle squads
(2) Three heavy machine gun teams
(3) Three Battle suits “Vulcan”
(4) Herr Skull and UberMechaHerren "Fritz".
(5) Four Poison gas troopers.
(6) Three Medium Tanks.
(7) Two Werewolves with Occult handler.
Jarrett had four turns to get his army of the board and to the test lab. He had to travel through a town long table edge to table edge. The Colossus is lumbering and rolls a D6 for inches traveled. Jarrett set up a skirmish line with his tanks and troops in front of the huge tank. The Nazis where all over the town, some dug in, some advancing; Her Skull and his body guard start in their fortified bunker.

Turn one:
Most of this turn was spent moving forward; Jarrett rolled three inches for movement of Colossus. No shooting at this time. I spent time moving my medium tanks, to flank the large monster tank, moved my infantry to cover and to a stone bridge to set up an ambush. I also moved up my werewolves to harass his troops.

Turn two:
Colossus rolled four inches for movement and caught a glimpse of my three tanks and opened fire. Two of the tanks were destroyed. The heavy tanks rolled forward firing at the werewolves and missing. Russian infantry moved up with the tanks for cover. The battle suits also marched forward, firing at my tanks with no effect.

Turn three:
After losing two tanks I moved the third back behind the buildings. The Colossus only rolled one inch this turn, the battle tanks once again fired at my werewolves wounding one. Another battle tank attacked my command group missing the unit, my super soldier body guard used his super strength to punch through the rear armor of the tank destroying it and killing all but one crew member. My machine gun teams ambushed the Russian battlesuits killing one and losing three men in return. Jarrett’s second tank spent most of it’s time chasing the werewolves with no effect.

Turn four:
The Colossus rolled six inches, and made it passed the middle of the table, firing on another one of my units destroying three of my axis battle suits, most of the battle was in Jarrett’s favor, and the Giant tank was very powerful, destroying most of the tanks in the game. The Nazi infantry did little to stop the monster.

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