Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weird War Battle of the Bugs

Just before the afternoon, Lobster Johnson and his men were informed of an incident in the next village over. It seems those Nazi scientists were at it again with their gate technology and most a German force was destroyed by things escaping the gate.

The Mission:
Transport the scientist back to the gate with his body guard to turn off the gate and secure the technology. The game is six turns

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The Allies:
Hero: Lobster Johnson.
Jarrett’s Howling Banshees:
Master SGT: Blake and his 9 man rifle team.
Also Hvy machine gunner: Tipper
The Battle bus: anti tank half track.
Three Prototype One man Battlesuits Code Name: Line Backers.
The German Scientist: Dr. Pr├Ątorius and four Troopers with prototype Plasma Projectors.

The Enemy: Unknown.

Jarrett started his turn with most of his men in the halftrack, using his Battlesuits as skirmishers.

He push onto the table’s edge to see the German armored forced destroyed and the enemy troopers ripped to shreds.

Most of the enemy force was hidden,but they are so large that spotting checks were taken with the vehicle’s spotting table, Jarrett’s gunner spotting the first enemy and what a horror it was.

Huge insects with ripping claws and large mouths raced across the field. They raced at the allies and Jarrett’s gunner opened up with the anti tank gun missing twice.

The bugs now spotting the intruders and charge across the open field including a huge green flying monster, the Wasp was shot down by one of the battle suits.

A few of the warrior insects made contact with the main force and were starting to get shot to pieces.

Two of the monster made into close combat with the battle suits and a huge tanker bug attacked some of the rifle men with flaming acid. Other bugs were being spawned at the gate during random parts of the game.

Some were flanking Jarrett’s forces, and Jarrett made the decision to disembark his troopers on a hill so they could provide some fire support.

Lobster Johnson also fired his big Man stopper handgun, wounding some of the massive bugs. The Nazi body guard of the scientist opened up with their Plasma projectors and not only brought down one of the Wasps, also killed about three of the warriors.

The close combat with the Battlesuits and the warriors was a stale mate, but one of the suits fired off one of its anti-tank rocket’s and destroyed the Tanker bug.

Jarrett's force destroyed the primary bug forced and raced towards the gate, killing some bugs and losing one Nazi Flamer and two rifle men.

They finally made it to the hill just in time for two more warriors to leap at Lobster Johnson wounding him heavily, but he saved the scientist and dispatched the monsters.
Jarrett's army won, turning off the gate and destroying the last of the bugs.
A fun day, plus lots of XBOX 360 fun...

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