Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Once again thinking about the Weird War….

Looking at the other groups out there for ideas about Weird World War 2, I want to go in my own direction. I love the idea of RIFTS, taking the idea that Nazi Germany was using its horrible deeds to open portals to gather power makes sense to me. Movies and comic books like Hellboy and Indiana Jones hit on this idea a lot. Also Graphic novels like The Life Eaters, show’s Germany doing hellish things to gather power for the third Reich. So my Axis powers will have supernatural elements as well as super science. The American’s with the Manhattan project, Tesla science, and downed UFO technology will have super science as well, but having a long history of vigilantism, will also have super heroes and mavericks doing their best for the allies. The British government has a long history of supernatural elements and a warrior creed that has spanned thousands of years. I’m sure super science and the power of Camelot will protect the queen. The Russians also have a long history of supernatural elements and a warrior creed; Baba Yaga, Rasputin, and spectral Cossacks will help stop the axis push into the motherland. Gas weapons, nerve gas, and horrible biological weapons will also come into play. Most basic troops will have to have gas mask and other protection just to stay alive on the battlefield at all times. I want to start setting my gaming forces to reflect these ideas… what are your thoughts?

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Kampfgruppe Cottrell said...

I've got Baba Yaga's house now I just need to find some chicken legs. I can;t wait to throw that thing on a game table and see what the players say.


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