Friday, September 12, 2008

Tennant Mulls Who Movie and Evil Musical Film Due

The British Daily Telegraph reported that David Tennant is in negotiations to play the lead role in a new film version of the hit U.K. TV series Doctor Who.

The actor, who is currently only contracted for five more episodes, has reportedly agreed to star as the Doctor in a full fifth season in 2010 if the big-screen role can be added to a new deal, the newspaper reported.

BBC managers are seeking funding for the film, according to The Sun newspaper. A corporation source said: "For ages, BBC Worldwide held the rights and were planning to make a movie, but it got held up, and former BBC1 boss Lorraine Heggessey decided to bring back the TV series in 2005. But everyone is keen now and the fans are clamoring. Part of David's conundrum is that he wants to do films, so this looks like it would solve both issues."

Russell T. Davies, the outgoing producer and writer of the program, said he would like Catherine Zeta Jones to play the Doctor's companion in a film version.
Evil Dead: The Musical in 3-D may begin shooting as soon as next spring, hopefully with the cast that has performed more than 300 times in Toronto.

During the Toronto International Film Festival this week, stars have schmoozed with the show's creators, Christopher Bond and choreographer Hinton Battle, who confirmed to SCI FI Wire that the plans are in the works.

"There's not much to talk about now--we're still getting things in order--but it will be fun," Battle said.

The bloody comedy has songs such as "What the F--k Was That?" and "I'm Not a Killer" and "Look Who's Evil Now."

Battle and Bond plan to co-direct the ambitious 3-D version of the stage play, which has received rave reviews. According to, the film's original creator, Sam Raimi, gave a thumbs up to the idea of the 3-D musical movie. --Mike Szymanski

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