Thursday, September 25, 2008


Does everybody have epic dreams, almost like living through a movie?
Last night I had three separate dreams that were all connected by a theme.
The first dream is pretty vague; it did include blood sacrifices of virgins and werewolves.

I remember feeding the blood to someone and taking some myself and cavorting with Werewolves in the moonlight. The night was so bright and the pack cavorted in the fields and in the river, I tried to give my cup full of virgin blood to my mate, but I kept on spilling it on the floor. The special effects department in my head was fantastic, the Werewolves were so real, and I could feel my bones melding under my skin. The second dream was in a future city, very Blade Runner. I was still with the Werewolf pack, but we were trying to sneak into the city to steal supplies. We had to use low tech disguises to get past the sensors and get into a hospital to steal more blood. I was running with three other wolf children, hiding in the filth, fooling the robots and the sensors. At one point we made it into the hospital to only find a morgue filled with husk like bodies emptied of all liquids. The last dream had me by myself trying to escape this future city, lost in the dust concrete, newspapers, and dumpsters looking for my mate and finding nothing but despair.

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