Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chopper Zombie: Bike of the Netherworld

For time immemorial, the motorbike has been one of the top objects of men’s affection mostly for its rough yet incredibly beautiful shapely frame. But the grotesque school of thought has invaded that sacred territory and might I say the results aren’t too thrilling. Unless you’re a fan of the zombie movies or zombie graphic novels that is! Just like this exquisite piece here that comes to you courtesy of Russell Mitchell and Exile Cycles who took a cue from “Chopper Zombie”, a new graphic novel created by Thom Beers.

The plot of the comic is about a motorcycle builder who creates a new super-fuel and doesn’t sell the formula to a dangerous corporation who have him drowned in the stuff. Of course the dude rises from the dead and the zombie adventures begin. The graphic novel is due to go into production in 2009 with a movie version slated for later.

For now you’ll just have to feast your eyes on the magnificent zombie chopper!

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