Sunday, September 7, 2008

BG Weird War II: Undead Night Battle!

American forces:
(1) The Slayer
(2) Angel
(3) 9 man infantry squad (Vets of three battles so far)
(4) Anti Tank halftrack
(5) Big Bob Watts (OSS Agent)

The Mission: To save a kidnapped Scientist who has invented a way to control the undead

Axis Forces:
(1) Huge Horde of Zombies
(2) 3 Vampires (Including Spike)
(3) 1 Flesh Golem
(4) 4 Mutated soldiers with prototype weapons
(5) The Red Skull
(6) Captured Scientist.

The Mission: Destroy all the heroes and escape with the scientist.
I’m not going to write another long battle report, I’m just too tired.
It’s been a long weekend, but here are some pics and I’ll point out the highlights! This is a night battle.

See the rest here:

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