Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ugh... my nose hurts....

Spent the weekend cleaning out the attic, my god what a ton of crap I have. We had no less then 10 bags of trash, a huge pile of cardboard, and tons of silly things we never use and have sent to the Salvation Army. I took off Monday, feeling sick and not getting enough sleep. We are still getting the attic finished up, I’m still throwing out tons of VHS tapes we never look at, and shredding up paper work I’ve been collecting for the last seven years… At the end of this week we get to go to New York City to see Nick Cave!
Nurgle has blighted me.... UGH! Must stay alive to see Nick!....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another project to think about….

Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, I’m going to look for figures, convert some, and have the whole squad for my weird war American troops. I don’t have any of the original comics, so I have to look around. I think they would fit perfectly with the rest of my forces. I’ve been looking around for images and came up with this…
Any thoughts out there in the vast Internets?
--here's the WIKI info about them--

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos are a fictional World War II unit in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, they first appeared in Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1 (May 1963). The main character, Sgt. Nick Fury, later became the leader of Marvel's super-spy agency, S.H.I.E.L.D..

The elite special unit nicknamed the Howling Commandos consisted of Corporal Thaddeus Aloysius Cadwallander "Dum Dum" Dugan, Private Gabriel Jones (an African American serving in an integrated unit, though the U.S. armed forces were not in real-life integrated until after the war, in 1948),[1] Private Robert "Rebel" Ralston, Private Dino Manelli (modeled after Dean Martin), Private Isadore "Izzy" Cohen (the first demonstrably Jewish American comic book hero), and Private Jonathan "Junior" Juniper — who, in an unusual and daring move for comics at the time, was killed in action after a few issues (#4, Nov. 1963). He was replaced by Private Percival "Pinky" Pinkerton, a British soldier, in issue #8 (July 1964). Later, Private Eric Koenig, a defector from Nazi Germany, joined the squad in issue #27. Occasional other members would join for an issue or two before being killed, transferred, or otherwise leaving (such as Fred Jones in issue #81). Also daringly for the time, the series killed Fury's girlfriend, British nurse Pamela Hawley, introduced in issue #4 and killed in a London air raid in #18 (May 1965).


Look's like great minds think alike!

WhiteKnight's Post: LINK

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Does everybody have epic dreams, almost like living through a movie?
Last night I had three separate dreams that were all connected by a theme.
The first dream is pretty vague; it did include blood sacrifices of virgins and werewolves.

I remember feeding the blood to someone and taking some myself and cavorting with Werewolves in the moonlight. The night was so bright and the pack cavorted in the fields and in the river, I tried to give my cup full of virgin blood to my mate, but I kept on spilling it on the floor. The special effects department in my head was fantastic, the Werewolves were so real, and I could feel my bones melding under my skin. The second dream was in a future city, very Blade Runner. I was still with the Werewolf pack, but we were trying to sneak into the city to steal supplies. We had to use low tech disguises to get past the sensors and get into a hospital to steal more blood. I was running with three other wolf children, hiding in the filth, fooling the robots and the sensors. At one point we made it into the hospital to only find a morgue filled with husk like bodies emptied of all liquids. The last dream had me by myself trying to escape this future city, lost in the dust concrete, newspapers, and dumpsters looking for my mate and finding nothing but despair.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ah... packing....

So most of my figures, paints, and supplies are packed, I still have a whole month to wait before I’m in the new apartment. So what to do? I have no idea, lots of packing still needs to be done, spackling the walls, painting, cleaning the gross 70’s carpets, and fix what needs to be fixed. I do want to start thinking about future projects, my Weird War is still going strong, I have a few super heroes and villains I need to paint up, and I’m thinking of creating a HYDRA Army, AIM army, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. army for future battles.

I do have some heroclix of shield agents, and one Hydra agent. So I have a long way to go…
I have to think about how to build these armies, maybe a 40K conversion of some sort…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Angry nerd worried about the Tyranids in Dawn of War 2

Relic has posted an official Dawn of War 2 trailer showing off various Tyranids in action. I don't see a single thing in this video that couldn't have been done in the original Dawn of War engine, which belies the traditional Relic line that they were waiting until they had a game engine that could do Tyranids right. To me, that line of reasoning implied crazy numbers of swarming bugs filling the screen like a latest-gen version of the infamous Starcraft Zerg mission ten years ago. You remember that one, right? The Space Marines – I mean, Terrans – had fifteen minutes to build up a base, at which point an impossible onslaught of Zergs flooded onto the screen. That was mind-blowing back then, before every other RTS did the same thing. I presumed Relic was waiting until they could do that sort of thing with the Tyranids. But in their Tyranid debut video, I don't think I ever counted more than a dozen on screen at once.

Furthermore, this Gamespot write up of the Liepzig demo of a Tyranid mission just reinforces my concern that the Dawn of War sequel will play like an action RPG. Recovering health by capturing points on the map? Manually moving individual marines through mines and around attackers? A boss battle? Story-driven events scattered throughout the game?

And the following guff about the Tyranid "hive mind" AI is different from any old tactical AI how?

[The Company of Heroes] engine…is now being used to power the "hive mind" behaviors of the tyranids. Packs of smaller tyranid units may descend upon you like a swarm of insects, while more developed patrols may be led by a psychically powerful tyrant unit that connects weaker units to the larger "synapse" intelligence. Both types of behavior unfold as described, and along with spore mines--essentially, living, floating bombs that explode on contact with a concussive blast--they make for an enemy that can be both slow and menacing but startlingly fast.
I'm glad we're getting Tyranids, but I fail to see how any of this wouldn't have worked before. Anyway, I don't want to sound like an angry nerd pounding on his keyboard because the developer is desecrating his favorite game by not making the sequel JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL. Because as a fan of sci-fi games in general and Relic in particular, I'm looking forward to whatever Dawn of War 2 turns out to be. But as a fan of real time strategy games in general and the original Dawn of War in particular, I'm worried that a) the sequel is straying too far from the original and b) that the Tyranids won't be as special as Relic has led us to believe they need to be.

Monday, September 22, 2008




Soon... we get the news.....

Ah, another good weekend with my son. Most of the weekend was spend packing, cleaning, and taking things to the Salvation Army. We did get some X-Box 360 gaming in, plus I installed Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate on an old PC and let Jarrett get stuck in… It’s a ten year old game, but it still plays very well. I’m still trying to figure out how to pack my many figures, I’ve spent about five bucks on plastic containers from Big Lots, I’ve switch all the plastics to these containers, and place all the metal miniatures in my expensive figure cases, but I still have a ton left. We are still waiting for word on the apartment; Fred the realty guy says we look good, but no official word just yet. Watch Serenity, La fem Nakita, and lots of Japanese animation. Now back at work, waiting for the start of the day… BTW The new Portishead rocks…

Friday, September 19, 2008

I need this table for my new Apartment...


Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Talk like a pirate ‘er else ye walk the plank, ye scurvy dog!

It’s a strange Friday…


Started the morning with Johnny cash’s ONE, and ended my drive with Coldplay… The air is cold and clean, autumn weather is finally coming to the Poconos. Driving in the car, feeling the cool air on my arm, the blue sky and the sun shining, I remember how much I love this season. When you drive two hours a day to and from work your mind wanders to the past. Sometimes, I really don’t like thinking about the past, it hurts, I go through plans of what I should have done, and then I get depressed. It’s one of the reasons I listen to CD novels, to keep my mind away from the past and all the pain that keeps on rolling up like a black tide. My life is so different now, still troublesome, still hard, but I’m happier now. We are still waiting for news about the new apartment, we are packing and throwing tons of stuff away, and with everything I throw away, I remember the past… I rather have a bottle in front of me, then have a frontal lobotomy…but sometimes I’m not so sure.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Art Thursday...

I've not done this in some time...
Here are some of my Science Fiction Sketches.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man, do I have a ton of crap!

Getting ready for the big move, Spooky and I are trying to get rid of all the crap we’ve collected in the last couple of years. I have a ton of gaming stuff to pack up, protect with foam, and hopefully bring it to its new home. Plus we have books, DVDs, CDs, clothes, Gargoyles, spooky town, and just worlds of stuff. It’s funny you don’t know how much stuff you have till you have to take it all apart and put into boxes. I’m leaving some of the gaming stuff out so that Jarrett and I can still play something, plus the X-Box 360 games. My love for old wood furniture is going to kill me for sure; some of our friends are going to help, Kevin and Andrea, Paula’s parents, and anybody who wants too of course…

Well back to work…

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


(FROM AP) — Richard Wright, a founding member of the British rock band Pink Floyd, died in his home on Monday (Sept. 15) at the age of 65. He had been battling cancer. Wright formed Pink Floyd along with Roger Waters and Nick Mason. He wrote, played keyboards, and sang on some of the band's biggest songs, like ''The Great Gig In The Sky'' and ''Us And Them'' from 1973's The Dark Side Of The Moon. He left band in the early '80s but rejoined for their 1987 album A Momentary Lapse of Reason. (AP via Yahoo!)

Pink Floyd's music has inspired my soul my whole life. Especially Richard's keyboard work.

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons
“It started with a simple idea - mindless robots fighting rabid zombies, over the fate of the last living human baby. Then the war spread, and now it’s a three-way rumble as an island of surviving Amazons get tossed into the mix! Collecting the entire Zombies vs. Robots and Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons series in one volume - including three prequel tales - this book allows you to get your fix of the two sold-out mini-series adventures in inanity.”

To purchase Click Here

Monday, September 15, 2008

This coming month...

I’m going to be busy as hell! We’ve been looking for a cheaper and closer place to live, near my cool job at Network Solutions. We’ve seen a ton of crappy apartments, in places like Freeland and such, but yesterday we made the big drive to Hazelton, 10 miles from my job. We saw the best apartment ever! It’s in an old factory, the apartment is HUGE! It has14 foot ceilings, old brick, very industrial looking, like a really cool New York studio, something we could never afford in the city. The rent is not super cheap, but we can manage it, plus the tons of gas we will be saving, no more 2 hours in the car every day maybe half and hour a day, plus my new car will not be driven into the ground. We have to apply for the apartment, so I’m a little worried… So I won’t be painting and gaming until the move is done. But I will post pictures once the move is done. BTW- It's coming close to my favorite Holiday and season....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Really cool mechs: Sharkit "Mak" mecha

I really love the looks of this mech!

Sharkit "Mak" mecha
The standard Sharkit Mecha is here modified in the "Mak" manner;
The chest turret is still the same, but the arms and legs have been reworked in accordance with Kow Yokohama well known designs. the pictures below are from a scrtch and this item is not for sale.The picture wich give the scale is the Sharkit Power-suit . The Mak mecha is armed with a 20mm gun with a circular round container. At the other hand he holds a 240mm grenade-lance, a long range anti-Citadel rocket .
detailed Infanterie grenade-lance.

Tennant Mulls Who Movie and Evil Musical Film Due

The British Daily Telegraph reported that David Tennant is in negotiations to play the lead role in a new film version of the hit U.K. TV series Doctor Who.

The actor, who is currently only contracted for five more episodes, has reportedly agreed to star as the Doctor in a full fifth season in 2010 if the big-screen role can be added to a new deal, the newspaper reported.

BBC managers are seeking funding for the film, according to The Sun newspaper. A corporation source said: "For ages, BBC Worldwide held the rights and were planning to make a movie, but it got held up, and former BBC1 boss Lorraine Heggessey decided to bring back the TV series in 2005. But everyone is keen now and the fans are clamoring. Part of David's conundrum is that he wants to do films, so this looks like it would solve both issues."

Russell T. Davies, the outgoing producer and writer of the program, said he would like Catherine Zeta Jones to play the Doctor's companion in a film version.
Evil Dead: The Musical in 3-D may begin shooting as soon as next spring, hopefully with the cast that has performed more than 300 times in Toronto.

During the Toronto International Film Festival this week, stars have schmoozed with the show's creators, Christopher Bond and choreographer Hinton Battle, who confirmed to SCI FI Wire that the plans are in the works.

"There's not much to talk about now--we're still getting things in order--but it will be fun," Battle said.

The bloody comedy has songs such as "What the F--k Was That?" and "I'm Not a Killer" and "Look Who's Evil Now."

Battle and Bond plan to co-direct the ambitious 3-D version of the stage play, which has received rave reviews. According to SlashFilm.com, the film's original creator, Sam Raimi, gave a thumbs up to the idea of the 3-D musical movie. --Mike Szymanski

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to my son!

He's Thirteen today! Enjoy your day son, I miss you...

Here are your Happy Birthday mechs, and silly Knights...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cool site September 2008

From the Back Room

This person is creating Mechs in 25MM, check out his site!

Del Toro Helming Frankenstein

Guillermo del Toro is now booked with films through 2017, including remakes of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Slaughterhouse-Five, Variety reported.

Universal Pictures--which has a three-year first-look deal with the director--and del Toro are making a long-term commitment by setting up four directing projects, including the aforementioned movies.

The fourth project is an adaptation of Drood, a Dan Simmons novel that will be published in February by Little, Brown.

Del Toro's first priority is New Line and MGM's The Hobbit and its sequel, to which he has committed the next five years. He has begun writing Hobbit with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, collaborating via video conferencing and trips to New Zealand every three weeks.

While it's difficult to plan projects five years into the future, at this point Universal executives told the trade paper that Drood, based on the life of Charles Dickens, is the most likely to be del Toro’s first post-Hobbit directing vehicle.

Universal also still has its sights set on del Toro's pet project, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness.

Also on the horizon: David Moody's apocalyptic novel Hater, which del Toro will produce with Mark Johnson but not direct, and Crimson Peak, a gothic romance spec script by del Toro and his Mimic collaborator Matthew Robbins, which del Toro will produce but not direct. (Universal is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

BG Weird War II: Undead Night Battle!

American forces:
(1) The Slayer
(2) Angel
(3) 9 man infantry squad (Vets of three battles so far)
(4) Anti Tank halftrack
(5) Big Bob Watts (OSS Agent)

The Mission: To save a kidnapped Scientist who has invented a way to control the undead

Axis Forces:
(1) Huge Horde of Zombies
(2) 3 Vampires (Including Spike)
(3) 1 Flesh Golem
(4) 4 Mutated soldiers with prototype weapons
(5) The Red Skull
(6) Captured Scientist.

The Mission: Destroy all the heroes and escape with the scientist.
I’m not going to write another long battle report, I’m just too tired.
It’s been a long weekend, but here are some pics and I’ll point out the highlights! This is a night battle.

See the rest here:

BG Weird War II: Battle in a french village.

Jarrett ( my son) and I are having three battles this weekend; the first is a battle in a French town.
Jarrett’s forces
(3) Rifle Squads
(2) Sherman M4s (one with support missile rack)
(2) Halftracks with antitank guns
(1) Prototype Walking Tank
Axis forces
(2) PzKpfw IV
(1) Panzer 38 t
(2) Rifle squads
(1) Field Marshal on horse with Prototype antitank rifle
(1) Occult monster handler
(2) Werewolves
(1) Axis battle suit

This was a basic battle no scenario, we just wanted to test some of Brian’s rules that we never used before, the werewolves and the walker.
The first turn was very basic with no real action, spotting checks going badly and ambushes being set up. Some tanks got bogged down going over some rocky terrain.


One lucky rocket attack by Jarrett’s Sherman killed three of my riflemen and one werewolf failed his KIA test so was blown into little chunks.

My Panzer ambushed one of his halftracks and immobilized it with no further damage. Jarrett pushed forward with his other halftrack and his Sherman, his infantry also pushed forward.

During my turn my Panzer shattered the other halftrack, but Jarrett made all of his saves for the crew who bailed out and tried to join up with a close by infantry team. I pushed my Field marshal forward on horse back and with his prototype rifle killed two of the crew, my werewolf charge the others in close combat and tore them apart.


My light panzer made it around the corner of one building and had a losing duel with one of the Sherman’s, only one of the crew survived and ran towards his fellow troopers hiding in some rocks.

Turn two and three had Jarrett’s walker sneaking up to a building and taking some pot shots at my PzKpfw IV’s. The armor was too tough and he hid the mech behind a building.


His infantry squad made it to the same building, and commenced with a fire fight with one of my rifle teams and my LMG, he lost to a man.


My Battle suit had no effect firing at the American walker, all shots just bouncing off... Jarrett’s walker tried to get a bead on my retreating Panzers but missed all of his shots.

During Jarrett’s turn he also blasted the hell out of my second Werewolf and also killed my Field marshal and Occult monster handler. Jarrett’s Tank and infantry pushing through the middle of the board have pinned down my second rifle team, and in response I charge my heavily wounded Werewolf into close combat with his rifle team with no results.


During the last turn Jarrett used his Sherman’s to destroy one of my PzKpfw IV’s and crippled my second rifle team. At this point I gave in the towel, over all a fun battle was had!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Angel and Weird World War 2

So, now I’m looking to add Angel to my list of ally heroes for the league of freedom. But, I’m not sure how to write up a Vampire for BGWW2, does anybody have any Ideas?

---notes from that episode---

During World War II, Angel is coerced by The Demon Research Initiative into undertaking a secret mission: He must rescue an American submarine crew from three vampires (including Spike) who were captured by the Nazis as part of an experiment to create super-soldiers. During the mission, Angel is forced to sire a fatally-injured Sam Lawson in order for him to repair the submarine's engine, which was damaged during a German attack.

EDIT: A response from my buddy Kampfgruppe Cottrell :

It really depends on what kind of vamp you want to do. If you want to make it like in Angel just give them a -5 or 6 in close combat due to there strength and double or triple any throwing ranges. Say if he looses in CC and the opponent doesn't have something that can kill him the he is just knocked back and down a 1" away. Double their hearing range and allow them to see at night as if at day, also give them a -1 column shift for Sighting Checks. The only thing that can kill him would be a KIA or Gory Death with wood or some other weapon the series allowed for. I'd give him a a Morale of a Vet but the benefits of a Elite with an additional. He wasn't the Angel we knew in the series at that time so he may be just leave the battlefield instead of fight it out for humans. This lower Morale will represent his internal conflicts but still give him a big enough modifier to pretty much do anything he wants to do.

Daylight kills him auto so make sure it's a night game Grin

Now that's just off my head so maybe that would be a good start,

I was a huge Angel fan but hate Buffy. Amy is a total Buffy FREAK!

:Thanks Bri!

---for those who did not see the episode the plot----

It’s 1943, and a submarine is moving through the Atlantic Ocean as its crew begins to panic. An officer named Lawson issues orders to the crew as their captain is suddenly grabbed and killed by an unseen creature.

In the present, Angel's team discusses the fact that Eve has vanished. Wesley is concerned about her threats of revenge, but Gunn thinks that the Senior Partners will take care of her for them. Angel wants to make sure that Lindsey is being punished as well, but Gunn notes that the white room is still empty, so they no longer have a link to the Senior Partners. The team is surprised that Angel is letting them go before midnight on a Friday, but, since they all still have work to do, they agree to meet up again in a few hours for another discussion. They split up as Lawson arrives in the building. Later, Fred encounters him in the science lab and is disturbed that he knows her name. She casually backs away, but he warns her that if she runs, he will have to stop her. He tells her that he’s an old friend of Angel from “back when he was in his patriotic phase.”

Back in 1943, a brooding Angel is sitting alone in a New York City apartment when a group of military officers armed with stakes burst inside. They represent a new agency, the Demon Research Initiative, and their goal is to recruit Angel to join the war effort. They need his assistance to rescue a German prototype submarine that has been commandeered by the American military (the submarine seen earlier). The crew ran into trouble on the way home and is now trapped in enemy territory. No human soldier can reach the sub because of the extreme cold and pressure at the bottom of the ocean (conditions that pose no threat to a vampire). Angel is initially resistant to participating, but it soon becomes clear that he has no real choice.

In the sub, Lawson and his surviving shipmates are barricaded into a small section of the submarine, temporarily safe but unable to control the submarine. As they evaluate their options, they are alarmed to hear a clanging sound in the tubes until Lawson recognizes it as Morse code: an SOS signal. They open the tube and discover Angel inside.

In the present, Lawson captures Wesley as he attempts to help Fred. On the submarine, Angel asks for the captain and is informed that he is dead and that Lawson is now in charge. Angel issues an order and provides a verification code to assure the crew that he is on their side. He heads for the hatch to confront the creature and comes face-to-face with a dark-haired Spike, clad in a black leather Nazi jacket. “Angelus,” Spike remarks. “They’ll let anyone in here.” Angel disbelievingly asks Spike if he is a Nazi; Spike says that he just ate one and took his jacket. Spike assumes that Angel was grabbed by the S.S. the same way he was - at a “free virgin blood party.”

Spike introduces Angel to the two other recently freed prisoners, vampires named Nostroyev and the Prince of Lies. When Spike learns that several humans are still alive, he wants to kill them; Angel forbids killing the humans because they need the crew to get back to the surface (“We’re underwater?” the confused Prince of Lies asks). Spike tries to prove that he can steer them out, but he just sets off an alarm. When Nostroyev insists upon killing all but one of the crew, Angel kills him. When Angel reiterates his demand that no humans be killed, Spike gives him the two-fingered salute and a “heil Hitler.”

In the present, Lawson confronts Angel in his office. Angel recognizes him and learns that Lawson has been keeping tabs on him over the past 60 years. Back on the sub, Angel introduces the crew to Spike and the Prince of Lies, telling them to put the vamps to work. Angel and Lawson move the dead crew members out of the way as Lawson says that he is not sure how to feel about Spike being there, since he killed the captain. Angel reminds him that they have to follow orders and bring the sub in. Lawson replies that “there’s a difference between orders and purpose.” He can handle dying, as long as it is for a greater purpose. Angel tells him that the job they do will help win the war, so they need to work together.

In the present, Lawson asks Angel if he only did what he did on the sub for himself. He wants to understand “why we do what we do.” Angel attacks Lawson and starts to stake him with a coffee table leg, but Lawson asks if he really wants to do that. Angel reminds him that the last time they saw each other, Angel promised he would kill Lawson the next time they met. Lawson says that he would never come to Angel without having something up his sleeve. He takes Angel to a conference room, where Angel sees that Wesley, Fred, and Gunn are all tied up and standing on office chairs. Lawson explains that the gang have wire around their necks, so if they get knocked off their chairs, they’ll be decapitated.

Back on the sub, the crew takes command of the submarine while Spike complains to Angel that he wants to steer the sub and be addressed as "Captain." Angel puts him to work and tries to assure Lawson that he can control Spike. They two hear screaming from the next room and rush over to discover that the Prince of Lies is beating up the captured Nazi. He and Lawson try to get the Prince of Lies away from the Nazi, but Angel has to stake him to stop him. Angel has to explain to Lawson that the Prince of Lies was a vampire. Spike points out that the Prince of Lies was holding a report in German and demands that the Nazi tell them what it contains. Lawson translates an impromptu interrogation while Spike "menaces" the Nazi officer, who reveals that the Nazis have been doing experiments on vampires, trying to learn how to control them. The Nazis eventually plan to use the controlled vampires in the Nazi army. Spike is furious about what the Nazis are doing, and assumes that the Americans have similar plans. Accordingly, Spike reiterates his desire to kill the crew, but Angel and Lawson stop him. Lawson insists that the Americans would never experiment on vampires or try to control them, saying: “You don’t win a war by doing whatever it takes. You win by doing what’s right.” Angel tells Spike to burn the report, which he does (while singing “God Save the King”), much to the dismay of the Nazi officer. By this time, Spike has figured out that Angel is playing both sides, and expresses both surprise and respect for the move.

They hear an explosion, and a distracted Spike accidentally sets his clothes on fire instead of burning up the whole report. Enemy destroyers are spotted and the crew tries the submarine, but after more explosions the sub is rendered motionless. The sub starts taking on water and Angel helps fix the pipes to stop the flow. As Spike notes that the Nazi has disappeared, Lawson looks for his screwdriver. He turns around and the Nazi stabs him in the stomach with the missing screwdriver. Angel tries to get the dying Lawson to tell him how to get the sub home. Lawson says that he’s the only one who is capable of doing what needs to be done. Angel vamps out and bites Lawson, then makes Lawson drink from him. Angel heads back to the main room and tells the crew to get ready to surface. The newly-sired Lawson repairs the sub and thanks Angel. However, he now wants to eat the rest of the crew, since he and Angel do not need them anymore. Angel takes Lawson to the main room and forces him to leave the sub, and swim the 20 miles to dry land. He warns him that the sun will come up in 8 hours, and tells him that if he ever sees him again, he will kill him. As Lawson leaves the sub. Spike laughs at Angel's actions, telling him that he is "still a dick," and is irritated when Angel also forces him to leave.

In the present, Angel tells Lawson that he never wanted to sire Lawson, but Lawson notes that it seems fair to sacrifice his life to help the Americans. Angel tells him that killing the gang will not change the past; Lawson says that it will hurt Angel, which might be enough for him. “It never is,” Angel replies. They fight, and Lawson accuses Angel of making him nothing because Angel gave him a little bit of his soul. Lawson tries to stake Angel, who turns the stake around so it is pointing at him. “Go on, Chief. Give me a mission,” Lawson says. Angel stakes him. The next day, Spike goes to Angel’s office, explaining that Fred filled him in on the events of the previous night. He thinks that Lawson was there for revenge, but Angel says that he came there for "a reason."

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