Monday, August 25, 2008

Scary Car time….

Well this weekend was a chore weekend. We had to search for a new car, so Spooky and I hit the pavement starting on Saturday morning. We hit about 5 car dealerships; one was the Major Hundi that a co worker mentioned. We met a nice young lad by the name of Allen, he showed us a very nice Kia. It is white, 2004, but had only 37,000 miles on it. It looked wonderful, but, we hit the road and check a few other places… The Kia was cool but at $8,999 it was $3000 over budget. I won’t bore you with the other places, it was hell. The salesmen were land sharks, and at one point getting of the lot felt like we were going to get mugged. So we went back to Allen, and we are looking at $200 car payments and more insurance payments. We have to move to Hazelton, we can’t offer to live here and pay these prices…

I picked up a couple of new tanks this weekend for my axis force, a Panzer 38T, and a Marder III. I think I’m all done with my Axis armor I have enough for a large scale battle. My Americans are seriously lacking. I’ve just painted up an old Kryomek walker in American colors to use it as a heavy walker for the allies. I’ll take pictures soon;

I also painted up some Werewolves for the axis powers from Mage knight figures. I have a few new figures that I got from a friend in Texas, I will hopefully get those painted before the end of the week. I’m not really going to built anything new and big in the future (like houses), we really need to move ASAP, and I don’t want to drag this all around. It’s hard trying to get back into wargaming; the economy is so damn bad, and looking to buy new miniatures when my wife is trying to save money for my move is crazy talk. But I love collecting figures, it’s a sickness! I thought drinking was bad, man figure collecting is worst! Well is time to just buckle down and use the minis I own.

EDIT: So Pappa Midnight is also doing a kryomek walker... maybe he reads my blog?

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