Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ah the long weekend...

No kids, no chores, no worries....
Just painting figures and watching movies with my wife...
Ahhhh.... it's good!
Here are some WIP for Zombie Hunters and WWW 2.

Turk and the Three Skulls

The Turk

These are my WWW2 American Walkers and my new zombie hunter squad. (I'm going to repaint the blue bases!) The big guy with the beard and the shotgun is The Turk, leader of the WWZ Squad of Zombie killers.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Amazing artwork

Every so often I come across cool gaming artwork,
I save them, use them as wallpaper, and admire the fantastic work of these fine people who can create such wonders...
This guy Andrea Uderzo, I watch on
He is amazing! here is some of his work,
click to make big.




Here is my Photobucket of the rest if your interested: LINK

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blast from the past...

Searching the great Interwebs for tank models, I came up with this old Favorite. A battle tank from the TV show UFO. I LOVED this show as a kid and had most of the models... They are all gone now, but I would love to have them for my Gaming armies today!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Note to self…

NEVER take a resin mech, paint it really well, then cover it in Future with a dark stain, THEN try to fix it with matte spray.

It will immediately melt the acrylic paint off the mech and have it pool at it’s feet.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weird War Artwork from Alejandro Villen

Posted on Weird War 2 forum by Brian, great stuff!

My new (used) Car...

2004 Kia Spectra
37,000 miles $8,999, for next 66 months at $220 this is ours... I hope I don't lose my job. We need to move ASAP.
We need cheap rent. -Peace out....

Monday, August 25, 2008


I love this...
Weird World War... this is silly and cool!

Scary Car time….

Well this weekend was a chore weekend. We had to search for a new car, so Spooky and I hit the pavement starting on Saturday morning. We hit about 5 car dealerships; one was the Major Hundi that a co worker mentioned. We met a nice young lad by the name of Allen, he showed us a very nice Kia. It is white, 2004, but had only 37,000 miles on it. It looked wonderful, but, we hit the road and check a few other places… The Kia was cool but at $8,999 it was $3000 over budget. I won’t bore you with the other places, it was hell. The salesmen were land sharks, and at one point getting of the lot felt like we were going to get mugged. So we went back to Allen, and we are looking at $200 car payments and more insurance payments. We have to move to Hazelton, we can’t offer to live here and pay these prices…

I picked up a couple of new tanks this weekend for my axis force, a Panzer 38T, and a Marder III. I think I’m all done with my Axis armor I have enough for a large scale battle. My Americans are seriously lacking. I’ve just painted up an old Kryomek walker in American colors to use it as a heavy walker for the allies. I’ll take pictures soon;

I also painted up some Werewolves for the axis powers from Mage knight figures. I have a few new figures that I got from a friend in Texas, I will hopefully get those painted before the end of the week. I’m not really going to built anything new and big in the future (like houses), we really need to move ASAP, and I don’t want to drag this all around. It’s hard trying to get back into wargaming; the economy is so damn bad, and looking to buy new miniatures when my wife is trying to save money for my move is crazy talk. But I love collecting figures, it’s a sickness! I thought drinking was bad, man figure collecting is worst! Well is time to just buckle down and use the minis I own.

EDIT: So Pappa Midnight is also doing a kryomek walker... maybe he reads my blog?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warhammer 40K!

Birthday Coolness

So cool birthday stuff going down, my buddy at has gifted me with amazing coolness, Thanks Brian! My wife’s best friend gave me a free year of, and I can’t wait for some weird World War 2 battle mechs I should be getting in the mail. Brian has just published some new greens of his Late War US Airborne Zombies check out the site for your new, cool, weird war monsters. Here are some shots…

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some old stuff I found on photobucket...

Click to make bigger

A Doom Pinky Demon VS A Heroscape Monk... (Demon painted by me)

Some Wierd Orcs I painted for Heroscape.

Warzone samurai warriors...

Some Scary Rednecks Hillbilly warriors...

Warzone Cybertronic warriors...

Monday, August 18, 2008

This weekend…

Well the weekend started crappy, my only “good” car’s transmission failed while trying to get home on Thursday. My wife and I have another car, but it’s for short range travel.

The tires on that car are bad, and will always be bad, because the last owner crashed it and the alignment is screwed. I did get my son this weekend, and we did have a ton of fun gaming and playing on the Xbox 360. I started the weekend by painting table tiles with a city road scape. I’m going to be using this with future zombie games and RIFTS battles.

I have three wood pieces that I cover my folding table with to place my cool grass boards for gaming, I’ve taken those boards and painted streets and sidewalks.

We even got to play with them this weekend; the first game was a Zombie attack game with Mike’s rules from the convention. We had two teams of survivors, looking for other survivors, weapons, ammo, and medical supplies. Both Boys (Jarrett and Brendon) took SWAT teams with some civilians.

Jarrett even had Lola from The Kinks song, helping out the Police, the idea of my son running a gun totting transvestite, ran chills down my spine…

Poor Brendon’s survivors had a hard time of it, never playing this type of game, out of five only two survive to escape the city. Jarrett only lost one lone SWAT member, but most made it out finding a working APC and driving across town to help Brendon’s troop to escape.

We also went down to The Encounter and played a large Warhammer 40K game, using the apocalypse rules. My Madcat Titan slew many Ork boys, and dreadnaughts, but lost two of its heaviest weapons to incoming fire. Jarrett had a huge body guard for his warlord, all in Mega armor. The destroyed all of my demon troops in close combat, power claws and mega armor are too tough. But, I did pound the hell out of them with heavy weapons from Titans and combat dreadnaughts, Jarrett lost a ton of guys in the buildings were he was taking cover. I don’t have pics of this battle, sorry… My Son gave me four Xbox 360 games to play with, Turok, Prey, Gears of War, and a cool racing game…

Here are more shots of the Zombie game! Check out my new fire templates! -Click to make Larger.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thinking about the Apocalypse...

Ok, so the weekend is coming up fast, lots of things need to be done before the gaming adventure at The Encounter, our local game store. I have a 1/48 scale Mad-Cat that I’m going to use as a Titan for the Apocalypse battle, I also have an old Anime Titan I can use as well. I have my Baneblade, and I’m going to write up a traitor Imperial guard force, lots of mutants, monsters, and cultists… It’s going to be a world of fun, I don’t have the Apocalypse book, but Shawn said he would bring by the rules… I will take pictures and post Sunday night. I had a weird night of dreams, lot’s of Easter Island head statues coming out of the ground and chasing me all over the world, as a matter of fact, tons of statues just chased me all over, and I wonder what that means? Oh well, it’s back to work and the amazing internets…-Cheers

Monday, August 11, 2008

No news…is good news...

Spent the weekend with my wife, doing chores and catching up on painting and figure maintenance. I created some fire templates using tiles and steel wool, also painting up my Terminators and Void troopers. I watch most of the tenth season of Stargate; I do love those new medieval looking troopers, the tech has just gone crazy over the years with that show, but I do love it. I will try to post some photos soon, this weekend I will be doing some 40K Armageddon battles and Weird World War 2 at my local gaming store.

Playing with these new kids my son has joined with is a little weird, they seem to be very jealous of the table space and the gamers, one guys seems to be angry with me because I “stole” his players… I’m sorry if my games and scenery are so cool; your 40K players just can’t help playing with me… Snicker….

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool Site August 2008

"War of the Daleks"

Quote from John Treadaway
The South London Warlords ran a very popular Dalek game in 1/35th a few years back called "War of the Daleks".
Lots of rules and stuff are available on the web site.

We are thinking of adding it to the list of games to bring back in the short to mid term (since Daleks are so much on the news again) and we've added new Daleks, new Cybermen and scratchbuilt extra monsters (Cybermats and a 'Pyramids of Mars' Mummy) and are manufacturing some wall sections for a relaunch as a 'Tomb of the Cybermen' game. (Look in the gallery page.)

Here are some pics!

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