Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend...

Well it was a weekend without kids, nice weather, got lots of things done. A few things are in the works. One, I’ve finished painting those Vulcan battle suits. I’ve painted them in SS pattern camouflage, I will post pics soon. I got to see The Dark Knight that was amazing.

No less then three Batman villains, including The Scarecrow in the beginning, and Two face, great make up on Two face.

Other news:
My wonderful Brother has gifted me with an Xbox for my birthday.
Its fantastic timing since my computer just died about two weeks ago. I’ve been playing some games my son gave me, including Marvel Ultimate alliance. It’s weird, I’m use to computers, but this X-box seems to have a world of its own.

My brother setup a video conference through his X-Box and I spoke to my nephew for the first time, I also played with my brother in a few demo games. I only have three 360 games, the Marvel game, Oblivion, and The Outfit, a silly WW2 shooter. I love computer gaming, but mostly I play to past the time. I’m hoping this x-box will offer more computer like functionality in the future, my brother states that an update is coming in late Fall. Streaming video from Netflix, also other computer like features, I’m hoping email since Xbox is a Microsoft product. I’m intrigue, but I hope I don’t go X-Box crazy like my brother….

Happy Pennsic Everybody!

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