Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New stuff

Here's some of the new stuff I got at the convention and I've been working on.

The SS Battle suits: These are Vulcan Bauhaus battle suits from Warzone, I've already got one painted in winter camo, but I wanted these to be more Jungle ready since my Weird War is starting in South America.

A Russian Gas Trooper, A Combat Walker, and A Doom Demon: I'm going to be using the walker as an Allied scout machine, the russian gas trooper is from Warzone, I had a small unit of these and will write up Gas attack rules for them.
The demon is another Axis monster.

The Batman:Another hero for more Weird War fun.

And A rocket Launcher Sherman Tank: Heavy support for the Allies.

1 comment:

Farseer Frank said...

I know this is one of your older posts, but where did you get those walker models? Those are awesome. That paint job makes them look perfect for a nurgle themed army. Are they on 40mm or 60mm bases?

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