Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mutant Chronicles: I can't wait!

Director Simon Hunter
Producer TBA
Screenwriter Philip Eisner, Ross Jameson
Studio Voltage Pictures
Starring Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, John Malkovich, Devon Aoki, Anna Walton, Benno F├╝rmann, Sean Pertwee, Justin Rodgers Hall, Shauna Macdonald
Genre Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

23rd century soldier Major Mitch Hunter (Jane) leads a fight against an army of underworld NecroMutants. Rea plays the former commander of Lieutenant Mitch Hunter (Jane), a 23rd century Marine who tries to save Earth by leading a band of soldiers against evil NecroMutants. Perlman portrays the leader of a religious sect who thinks he can destroy the mutants and save the planet, recruiting Hunter to join him.

The film has a major Chronicles of Riddick feel to it, which works. If you want to see the new Trailer click the green link. The Embed option does not work. below is the old trailer used to get the funding for the film.
The Mutant Chronicles is due out some time in 2009.

Edit: here's a link Trailer

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