Monday, July 21, 2008


Well we did Dexcon, 23 hours of gaming madness. Both Jarrett and I had a wonderful time, gaming, seeing old friends, eating and drinking bad foods, and did I say gaming?
PIC: This Is SugarFEST!

I’m going to try to try to describe as best I can the events of the convention, my son forgot his digital camera. First off both Jarrett and I were up at 5 am to pack and get all of our stuff into the car, after weaving our way through driving directions written by a mad gerbil, we made it to the East Brunswick Hilton at 7am.

We found the reservation desk and were preregistered.
PIC:Thanks Turk!

I got assign to security and I helped Jarrett pick his list of games for the day. Well, I did this after meeting an old friend I’ve not seen in seven years, Mike Larenzo. Mike I befriend way in the past while I was still married to “THE WIFE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED!” He was a very young twenty something that I met after posting in a gaming shop looking for local 40K gamers. Mike was a fun gamer, a power gamer, and just became a really great friend. He had run on Friday a Weird War game that I missed that sounded fantastic, and he was throwing two Zombie attack games, using a variation of the Starship Troopers rules. Jarrett and I signed up to both of those games. Jarrett also signed up for a B5 space battle game, a B5 RPG, and Warhammer 40k Bring and Battles games.

I of course was assigned to security, Turk didn’t come in till later, but I did meet all the new younglings, a bunch of really nice people. My security detail mostly during the day was “geek wrangling” making sure all the gamers had their ID’s showing and that they belonged there. I was also posted to the “big Board” where all the game events were monitored and kept track. Jarrett of course Played his first zombie game, (Mike did state he would send me some picks, I do hope they come.) The game was fun as hell, and I will describe the later game that I was part of. The gaming area was HUGE; the main focal point was “The Arena” a space that was easily 100X50 feet, all covered in green felt. By the time we had got there they were setting up an Apocalypse 40K Battle. This was an amazing site, huge Ork gargants, Imperial and elder titans, dozens of heavy tanks, and hundreds of infantry models battling across a cityscape, a river and an open plain. Jarrett was flabbergasted, I’ve seen it before. The one thing that floored me was the scratch built Ork gargant made from wood and piping and stood four feet tall.
I ran into other dear friends, Bill and Linda Refsland, Jim Williamson, as well as Larry an old SCA friend and house brother. I will be checking back with these old friends very soon, and maybe I will look into going to some events again.

Mike’s zombie attack game was very cool, multiple factions trying to complete their personal agenda’s and trying to escape the city infested with the undead. Both Jarrett and I picked SWAT teams to run, our mission was to search the city and find the governor’s family and escape with our lives.

I ran my troops very defensively as I search the tenement buildings and killed hordes of undead, Jarrett went rogue after a gang banger carjacked the SWAT van to escape.

He spent most of his actions trying to kill the gang and shooting the escaping civilians.

The Van escaped the city, they also completed their mission. I discovered that the governor’s family had all turned,

I escaped to the roof to an helicopter, but it crashed and killed my entire team. We had a great time. I’m now at work, and I'm very tired. It was a great day… more info and pics soon I hope…

EDIT: Pics from Mike's BLOG

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Ross said...

Man that event sounded cool!!

Loved the sound of all the mayhem on the zombie game table, running off with the SWAT van.... priceless!!

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