Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New stuff

Here's some of the new stuff I got at the convention and I've been working on.

The SS Battle suits: These are Vulcan Bauhaus battle suits from Warzone, I've already got one painted in winter camo, but I wanted these to be more Jungle ready since my Weird War is starting in South America.

A Russian Gas Trooper, A Combat Walker, and A Doom Demon: I'm going to be using the walker as an Allied scout machine, the russian gas trooper is from Warzone, I had a small unit of these and will write up Gas attack rules for them.
The demon is another Axis monster.

The Batman:Another hero for more Weird War fun.

And A rocket Launcher Sherman Tank: Heavy support for the Allies.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend...

Well it was a weekend without kids, nice weather, got lots of things done. A few things are in the works. One, I’ve finished painting those Vulcan battle suits. I’ve painted them in SS pattern camouflage, I will post pics soon. I got to see The Dark Knight that was amazing.

No less then three Batman villains, including The Scarecrow in the beginning, and Two face, great make up on Two face.

Other news:
My wonderful Brother has gifted me with an Xbox for my birthday.
Its fantastic timing since my computer just died about two weeks ago. I’ve been playing some games my son gave me, including Marvel Ultimate alliance. It’s weird, I’m use to computers, but this X-box seems to have a world of its own.

My brother setup a video conference through his X-Box and I spoke to my nephew for the first time, I also played with my brother in a few demo games. I only have three 360 games, the Marvel game, Oblivion, and The Outfit, a silly WW2 shooter. I love computer gaming, but mostly I play to past the time. I’m hoping this x-box will offer more computer like functionality in the future, my brother states that an update is coming in late Fall. Streaming video from Netflix, also other computer like features, I’m hoping email since Xbox is a Microsoft product. I’m intrigue, but I hope I don’t go X-Box crazy like my brother….

Happy Pennsic Everybody!

Friday, July 25, 2008


My friend Mike just sent me his modern zombie rules, using Evo Horror Rules (Battlefield Evolution) I can’t wait to set up some World War Z games. Maybe a recreation of the battle of Yonkers, or some of the first Army skirmishes, I shall post as soon as I game!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Troops...

So now I have a ton of VOID troopers, three more Vulcan Battle suits, 5 New Marine Terminators, and tons of Ideas… Some of the Void troops I’m going to paint as Jungle troopers Ala Vietnam vets, the armored troops I’m going to paint as SWAT troopers, I want to use these for Zombie games.
Does anybody out there have any painting ideas for me?

Here's what I got at 50% off from a friend at the Con...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well we did Dexcon, 23 hours of gaming madness. Both Jarrett and I had a wonderful time, gaming, seeing old friends, eating and drinking bad foods, and did I say gaming?
PIC: This Is SugarFEST!

I’m going to try to try to describe as best I can the events of the convention, my son forgot his digital camera. First off both Jarrett and I were up at 5 am to pack and get all of our stuff into the car, after weaving our way through driving directions written by a mad gerbil, we made it to the East Brunswick Hilton at 7am.

We found the reservation desk and were preregistered.
PIC:Thanks Turk!

I got assign to security and I helped Jarrett pick his list of games for the day. Well, I did this after meeting an old friend I’ve not seen in seven years, Mike Larenzo. Mike I befriend way in the past while I was still married to “THE WIFE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED!” He was a very young twenty something that I met after posting in a gaming shop looking for local 40K gamers. Mike was a fun gamer, a power gamer, and just became a really great friend. He had run on Friday a Weird War game that I missed that sounded fantastic, and he was throwing two Zombie attack games, using a variation of the Starship Troopers rules. Jarrett and I signed up to both of those games. Jarrett also signed up for a B5 space battle game, a B5 RPG, and Warhammer 40k Bring and Battles games.

I of course was assigned to security, Turk didn’t come in till later, but I did meet all the new younglings, a bunch of really nice people. My security detail mostly during the day was “geek wrangling” making sure all the gamers had their ID’s showing and that they belonged there. I was also posted to the “big Board” where all the game events were monitored and kept track. Jarrett of course Played his first zombie game, (Mike did state he would send me some picks, I do hope they come.) The game was fun as hell, and I will describe the later game that I was part of. The gaming area was HUGE; the main focal point was “The Arena” a space that was easily 100X50 feet, all covered in green felt. By the time we had got there they were setting up an Apocalypse 40K Battle. This was an amazing site, huge Ork gargants, Imperial and elder titans, dozens of heavy tanks, and hundreds of infantry models battling across a cityscape, a river and an open plain. Jarrett was flabbergasted, I’ve seen it before. The one thing that floored me was the scratch built Ork gargant made from wood and piping and stood four feet tall.
I ran into other dear friends, Bill and Linda Refsland, Jim Williamson, as well as Larry an old SCA friend and house brother. I will be checking back with these old friends very soon, and maybe I will look into going to some events again.

Mike’s zombie attack game was very cool, multiple factions trying to complete their personal agenda’s and trying to escape the city infested with the undead. Both Jarrett and I picked SWAT teams to run, our mission was to search the city and find the governor’s family and escape with our lives.

I ran my troops very defensively as I search the tenement buildings and killed hordes of undead, Jarrett went rogue after a gang banger carjacked the SWAT van to escape.

He spent most of his actions trying to kill the gang and shooting the escaping civilians.

The Van escaped the city, they also completed their mission. I discovered that the governor’s family had all turned,

I escaped to the roof to an helicopter, but it crashed and killed my entire team. We had a great time. I’m now at work, and I'm very tired. It was a great day… more info and pics soon I hope…

EDIT: Pics from Mike's BLOG

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ah the weekend...

Hellboy and Batman this weekend, also Dexcon
I’m not sure what games I’m going to play, but Jarrett wants’ to LARP!
Ahhhhhhhhh! Anyway we shall see. So this weekend I will be driving all the way down to New Brunswick to take Jarrett to his first Gaming convention. We are only doing the one day, I can’t afford to stay over night, and I’m not paying for the admission I’m working security for 6 hours. During this convention there will be people I’ve not seen, good and bad. On the good list, Turk a friend I’ve had since I was 18, and have not seen in 13 years. On the bad list, Frank, a person I had to Karate chop in order to stop him from beating his wife to death in front of his son, and varies other people who I would rather forget about. But I love gaming conventions, I hope to see Bill and Jim, play Warzone and 40K, and I hope my son enjoys all the great wonder that is the convention gaming world.

Full report on Sunday.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've fallen in love... with a Plane!

Spent the morning watching Dogfights: Season 1, and I'm amazed how much amazing coolness WW2 fighter planes are...
Here's my Favorite!

Grumman F6F Hellcat
In 1942, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation began mass production of the F6F "Hellcat" fighter as replacement for the F4F/FM-2 "Wildcat" which had been carrying the burden of fighter operations in the Pacific. The results obtained from testing a captured Japanese "Zero" restored to flyable condition were utilized in refining design features of the production F6F to enable it to engage the "Zero" on equal terms and thus dictate the rules of combat. At one time during the war, Grumman was delivering a "Hellcat" at the rate of one per hour around the clock for a grand total of 12,275 deliveries from 1942 to 1945.
While the F6Fs capability for carrying bombs and rockets was widely utilized in air support of friendly ground forces as well as the destruction of enemy airfield installations and shipping, it is best known for its role as a fighter. All in all, the "Hellcat" was credited with destroying 5,156 enemy aircraft in air-to-air combat (75% of all Navy aerial kills) with a kill ratio of 19:1. Combat stories of F6F encounters with enemy aircraft during World War II are legendary.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cool site July 2008

Some really nice Figures and scenery. Very well crafted Gaming world.
The wonderful world of Ross

Where the Wino mutant scum go to battle!

Here are some of Ross' figures.
Post Apocalyptic for sure...
check out his site

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weird World War 2 battle in the jungles of Brazil.

Juanita saw the blue flash of light last night… it came from the old stone blocks her Grandmother told her about. Grandmother always told her to stay away from the old ruins, filled with evil she would say, most of the time Grandmother was just plain crazy, so Juanita took a walk towards the light, it was very blue. The sounds of the jungle were gone, and the air felt like hot butter. Juanita could see movement at the old stones, men walking about. This was strange; all the villagers avoided the old stones. There was nothing to gather there, no food, no hunting, no water, just old stones. The men seemed to be carrying things, boxes coming out of the light. Juanita could now see they were white men, blond and wearing uniforms like soldiers but all in black. Juanita was frightened; soldiers were always bad, for the villagers, the people, and the jungle. They only brought death; she had to tell the leader of the village. Juanita ran, she avoided the strange white men, and made it back to the village. The village was silent, too silent, at this time most of the men would be working in the fields, but the woman would be working in the streets, cleaning clothes, making bread, tending the fires, but there was nobody around.

Blue light was coming from the center of the village, a low grade hum travelled through the air towards Juanita, it scared her, and she ducked into the closes hut. Sweat poured down her face, she could hear the voices of white men. What did these soldiers want? Where are the villagers? Juanita hid and felt cold fear…

The portal was holding strong, Von Blake stared at the gate watching the infantry pour in.
This would make a good starting point for the come back, even though he didn’t like the idea of hiding in this jungle. The memory of the war was long forgotten, but the flight still burned in their memories, the guilt of the loss. This new push would be like no other, the scientist who saved the Reich had improved a host of new hardware, and machines that would make the allies tremble. The discovery of the Gateway in Antarctica was a god send. The hidden rocket base was built for the escape, but the ruins and the technology they found proved more valuable, giving flight to the best scientist of the motherland. And now the return, time had passed faster for the New Reich. The Enclave had improved the weapons and men of the New Reich, it would be a master stroke, this new world would be theirs…

Juanita watched the men going all over the village. They had taken all the villagers, she saw them chain up all of her friends and drag them to the blue light. Her Grandmother was no where to be found, she had no idea what to do. Juanita heard the large machines crashing through the jungle, they sounded like monsters, men walked with them holding guns. She had no idea where to go, or what to do, she moved deeper into the jungle.

Von Blake moved to the command bunker, most of the heavy walkers moved into the local jungle searching for natives. To pacify the region would be easy, no real military presence could be found, the local villagers were mostly barbarians, and the infantry had them in control.

Lobster Johnson and his band of American GI’s on the orders of the newly formed BPRD are checking out stories of Nazi forces in the jungles of South America. By special request the force search the jungle for any signs of the new Nazi aggression. Only to find whole town’s slaughtered and South American infantry destroyed to a man. This is a mission to gather data for a larger strike in the future.

(1) Squad of American infantry 6 rifle man, 1 heavy weapons team, and a sergeant and corporal.
(2) M-13 Antitank Half Track
(3) Lobster Johnson
(4) Pablo, jungle guide.

The jungle contains three bunkers connect by under ground tunnels. My son has to have the team investigate all three bunkers and escape the same way he started on the table.

The first turn was having Pablo show them what was left of the last unit searching this part of the jungle. (These dead guys I use as “gory death markers”)

After making a gut check the unit investigates the wreckage and the bodies and sees that they are not only shot but also eaten.

Jarrett has his infantry squad split in half to investigate the first bunker (4 green troops lead by the corporal and the Sergeant.) and the “battle bus” with Lobster, the 2 machine gun troopers, driver and Pablo zooms towards the second bunker. Jarrett has his sergeant go it alone to check out the first bunker while the rest of the team sets up an ambush just in case any response comes from the bunker. Just as the Sergeant makes it to the ruins in front of the bunker, machine gun fire hits all around him. Pinned, he returns fire with no effect. The green troopers with the corporal move through the jungle to the left to try to flank the bunker but walk straight into a German four man rifle team, three of the green troops are wounded and the fourth trooper and the corporal return fire but they are also pinned down.

While team one was being pinned, the battle bus had made it to the second bunker. Waiting for them was a Nazi carrying a Luftfaust. Pablo caught site of something in the woods, informed the rest of the squad, but Lobster Johnson made his spot check and blasted the Nazi with his man stopper hand gun. The Nazi was wounded and crawled back to the bunker. The driver and the gunner’s were watching the front of the bus and notice some wounded man running towards the vehicle. The driver could tell these were not normal wounded and gunned the battle bus to run these creatures over.

The zombies moved out of the way of the slow moving vehicle, but one zombie was hit and bounce off the front bumper. The battle bus then took a hard left and raced back to bunker one to help the pinned greens.

The Luftfaust trooper caught site of the fleeing battle bus and let loose with two rockets that disabled the vehicle just as it was stopping next to the pinned troopers.

Back at bunker three, the Nazi scientist releases his latest creation, a flesh Golem.

This monster races toward the sounds of battle. Almost all the action is now at bunker one, just as the battle bus pulls up Pablo with one lucky shot kills the first of the German rifle team. Lobster Johnson, bounds out of the truck to scale a hill and in close combat kills another of the rifle team. Meanwhile the Sergeant has made it to bunker one, just in time to see a squad of undead make it to the hill. He opens fire, but is quickly killed by the zombie horde and joins them.

The heavy weapons team starts to set up the machine gun while Lobster, the remaining greens, and the corporal fight the last of the rifle team and their super soldier leader.

The super soldier is quickly killed by Lobster’s man stopper hand gun, and the rifle team is destroyed. but, the undead hordes and the flesh Golem quickly make it to the scene of the battle, the flesh Golem attacks and wounds Lobster Johnson. The zombies are almost there, and Jarrett decides to take the bug out option.

Jarrett lost two of his squad, one to the zombies, and one to a lucky Luftfaust shot. He lost the scenario. Over all a fun battle was had and it’s now Sunday morning so we have one more good game to play.

Now to watch The finale of Doctor Who...

Here's the Link! Click me

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mutant Chronicles: I can't wait!

Director Simon Hunter
Producer TBA
Screenwriter Philip Eisner, Ross Jameson
Studio Voltage Pictures
Starring Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, John Malkovich, Devon Aoki, Anna Walton, Benno F├╝rmann, Sean Pertwee, Justin Rodgers Hall, Shauna Macdonald
Genre Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

23rd century soldier Major Mitch Hunter (Jane) leads a fight against an army of underworld NecroMutants. Rea plays the former commander of Lieutenant Mitch Hunter (Jane), a 23rd century Marine who tries to save Earth by leading a band of soldiers against evil NecroMutants. Perlman portrays the leader of a religious sect who thinks he can destroy the mutants and save the planet, recruiting Hunter to join him.

The film has a major Chronicles of Riddick feel to it, which works. If you want to see the new Trailer click the green link. The Embed option does not work. below is the old trailer used to get the funding for the film.
The Mutant Chronicles is due out some time in 2009.

Edit: here's a link Trailer

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 4th of July weekend

Well I have four days off starting tomorrow, a floating holiday and the 4th, Yay!
I will be having my son for the weekend so I see lots of movies, water adventures, and gaming in the evenings. I want to go back to the weird war scenarios I’ve been working through. Using the collection of rules sets I’ve been going through, I’m starting an adventure in South America, where the New Order (The new Axis powers) will gather their new found magical and technological might to spread their war of genocide and world domination. Of course the world will not sit for this, and The League of Adventures will gather to stop their evil. Battles reports and pics will follow. This weekend will have me watching Hancock and also watching the rest of the third season of Battlestar Galactica.
Frazetta loves Colonial warriors!
Maybe I’ll get some painting in too… we shall see.
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