Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ahhhhhh…. 5AM and quite….there is nothing better.

Another week is over at Big registrar of doom, where big business is still giving it to its customers. We also have raise our prices for domains even though were are the most expensive registrar in the world. The email has been crap for the last two weeks, and I can’t get a sale to save my life, but enough of work, it’s the weekend, my son is here and we have great plans ahead of us. First off I have to complete my trade with a TMPer named Josh; I traded some Warzone for Star Wars Plastics, so off to the post office I go, then it’s off to see Iron Man. Then the rest of the day will be spent playing Star Wars and Necromunda. If we have time I want to do some WWW 3 gaming, but we shall see. I have no coffee, so my brain is not working at this time… I will post pictures of the next couple of battles tonight…Cheers.

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